10 Groovy Pete the Cat Activities Your Students Will Love

Are you looking for fun, engaging activities centered around the beloved children’s book character, Pete the Cat? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of ten groovy Pete the Cat activities your students will absolutely adore.

1. Pete the Cat Shoe Decorating

Let your students unleash their creativity by having them design and decorate their shoe cutouts. Provide various craft supplies such as markers, glue, glitter, and stickers to give children an opportunity to personalize their own funky footwear, just like Pete’s.

2. Button Sorting Game

Inspired by “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons,” this activity helps students improve their sorting and counting skills. Have children sort buttons based on color, size, or shape, and then count how many are in each group.

3. Musical Shoes

A twist on the classic game of musical chairs. Arrange shoe cutouts in a circle on the floor and play music while your students walk around them. When the music stops, they must find a shoe cutout to stand on.

4. Make a Pete the Cat Puppet

Give each child a paper bag, have them decorate it with Pete’s face and clothes using markers or crayons, attach pre-drawn templates for feet and arms using brads or glue. This simple puppet craft allows kids to bring Pete to life with fun storytelling sessions.

5. Rhyming Words Matching Game

Create a list of words from your favorite Pete the Cat book that rhyme with each other, then create matching cards for each set of rhyming words. Students will work in pairs to find matches and discuss why they think the words rhyme.

6. “I Love My White Shoes” Color Walk

After reading “I Love My White Shoes,” create a colorful walkway using colored paper or cloth squares representing different items from which Pete can clean his shoes. Encourage children to walk on the path and act out Pete’s colorful adventure.

7. Pete the Cat Glyph

Incorporate math skills and creativity by having your students create their own Pete the Cat glyph, a visual representation of data using symbols. Use simple questions, like “Do you prefer white shoes or red shoes?” to incorporate their preferences into a unique drawing of Pete.

8. School Tour with Pete

With the help of a teacher-made cardboard Pete figure, take your students on a school tour! Along the way, introduce your students to faculty and staff who can read a brief passage from one of the many groovy Pete the Cat books.

9. Rockin’ Storytelling Time with Pete

Dive into storytelling by choosing a favorite Pete the Cat book and having your students take turns reading aloud. Practice different voices and expressions as each student reads – everybody can add their own groovy spin to the story!

10. Cool Cat Sunglasses

Pete has some pretty awesome sunglasses, so why not have your students create their own funky pair? Provide each child with a template of sunglasses frames and encourage them to decorate with markers, glitter, stickers – let them get creative!

With these ten entertaining activities inspired by Pete the Cat at your disposal, you’ll be able to engage your students in a variety of inventive ways while exploring this cool cat’s unique journey together! Happy learning and stay groovy!

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