10 Kind Deeds You Can Do for Random Acts of Kindness Day

  1. Pay someone a compliment

A compliment can make someone’s day and boost their mood. What might take a second for you to say can stick with someone for a lifetime. Praise can be about someone’s qualities and personality, not just appearance. It can help boost someone’s confidence when you tell them they’re great at something and the qualities you admire in them.

  1. Write a lovely note for someone you care about

Handwritten notes are a beautiful way to express your friendship and love for someone. It could be for anyone in your life that you value and care about. Writing out a note by hand is more personal and becoming a lost art in the age of computers and phones! Keep the beauty of old-school paper and pen alive by writing a note for someone you love as a wonderful, kind deed for Random Acts of Kindness Day.

You can write something you appreciate or like about them, what they mean to you and how happy they are in your life, or wish them a good day! Then, hide the note somewhere. They’ll find it for extra fun.

  1. Help someone out with a task

Whether it’s helping your partner prepare dinner, supporting a colleague who needs help, or giving your children a helping hand, being there for someone is a wonderful example of a kind deed for Random Acts of Kindness Day. Helping someone can lighten their load, which can make a difference in how they feel – more than you may even know!

You can offer to help someone struggling with a certain task or ask if your loved ones need any support. Sometimes people find it difficult to come forward to say they need help, but by asking, you’re providing a great opportunity for them to accept the use.

  1. Share something of yours

Sharing is caring, as they say! If you have something that someone else could benefit from using, consider letting them use or borrow it. It could help someone out. You could also give someone an item you no longer need if they could get some use out of it.

Maybe you have a book in your bookcase that you won’t read again, but your friend or colleague would love to read it. Consider giving it to them as a lovely kind deed for Random Acts of Kindness Day. It will make you feel good, put a smile on their face and clear some room on your shelf for your next bookshop trip all in one go!

  1. Make someone a cup of tea

Whether at work or home, making someone a cup of tea is a super simple but lovely example of a random act of kindness. This small gesture shows you care about someone and provides them with a warming drink – a hug in a mug!

  1. Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you

Gratitude is important for our well-being and lets someone know how much we appreciate them. As simple as saying thank you can make someone feel valued and special. Writing out a thank you note to someone who has helped you is a wonderful and easy kind deed you can do for Random Acts of Kindness Day.

  1. Support a friend by listening to them

Listening to someone shows we care by giving our time and attention to them. Often, people want someone to listen. If someone you know is going through a hard time or has something on their mind, listening to them is a wonderful deed you can do to support them.

  1. Donate to a local food bank or charity

If you have the means, donating to a charity or food bank is a brilliant example of a random act of kindness to support your community or those in need. Giving something to someone who needs it more than you is a very generous act you can be proud of.

You could volunteer at a local charity or do a fundraising activity, such as a bake sale or run. These kind deeds will ultimately raise money for and support a charity that helps people who need it, which will have a big, positive impact!

  1. Tell yourself three things you like about yourself

Kindness isn’t just for other people; it’s for yourself too! Make time to compliment yourself this Random Acts of Kindness Day – you deserve it! Positive affirmations can make a massive difference to our self-image, confidence, and mindset.

If this seems a bit daunting, you can start by telling yourself three things you like about yourself. These can be written down, said in your head, or said out loud. It doesn’t matter which, as long as you tell them! Next, see how you feel when you compliment yourself. For example, do you feel lighter and more confident? Repeat this daily to build a positive habit sure to boost your self-esteem.

  1. Give someone a smile

Simply smiling at someone on the street can brighten their day! So make sure to spread a smile around your school or home today. You never know how many people your smile will pass on to!

Smiling will also boost your mood and help someone else feel happy. Did you know that smiling and laughter is scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase happiness?

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