10 of the Very Best Online Resources for Early Childhood Teachers


Early childhood education is a crucial stage in a child’s development. Therefore, teachers who specialize in this field need access to reliable and high-quality resources. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 online resources for early childhood educators. These websites cater to various aspects of teaching, such as lesson planning, professional development, and child psychology.

1. National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): As the world’s largest organization working on behalf of young children, NAEYC provides a wealth of resources for early childhood teachers. Their comprehensive website offers research-based resources, articles, videos, and webinars covering a wide spectrum of topics about early education.

2. Edutopia: A leading website in education innovation, Edutopia houses numerous articles, videos, and discussion forums related to early childhood education. The content primarily focuses on strategies for creating engaging learning environments that foster creativity and critical thinking.

3. Zero to Three: Specifically dedicated to infants and toddlers’ research and advocacy, Zero to Three offers quality resources that promote understanding in early childhood development, mental health issues, learning approaches, and support services for parents and professionals alike.

4. Teaching Strategies: Considered one of the most trusted names in early childhood education curricula, Teaching Strategies offers proven strategies designed to stimulate creative thinking among both teachers and students. The thoughtfully crafted lessons adapt well across various learning environments.

5. Childhood101: Childhood101 is an excellent resource for those looking to gain insight into modern play-based learning in Australia. It covers play ideas, teaching tips, parenting workshops featuring printable games and worksheets that encourage hands-on exploration during early development stages.

6. Scholastic Teacher Resources: Scholastic is an internationally renowned publisher providing a variety of quality classroom materials for educators worldwide. Their website is filled with age-appropriate book lists, lesson plans, and teaching tools for early childhood education and beyond.

7. Teach Preschool: Run by an award-winning educator, Teach Preschool is a rich hub of practical ideas aimed at inspiring teachers in their hands-on experience with preschool-aged students. It highlights classroom-tested strategies on topics such as literacy, math, science, and art.

8. Pre-K Pages: Pre-K Pages is a valuable resource designed specifically for preschool teachers, offering numerous printable materials, lesson plans, and learning activities. The website also has teacher-submitted ideas, ideal for inspiring creativity and fostering collaboration among peers.

9. Early Childhood Investigations Webinars: This free webinar series provides professional development opportunities for early childhood educators worldwide. The webinars are conducted by renowned experts in the field and cover a broad range of subjects essential to early education.

10. Classroom 2.0: As another avenue for professional development in the digital age, Classroom 2.0 offers a comprehensive library of resources aimed at supporting educators’ technological integration into their classrooms effectively. The platform focuses on collaborative learning, innovative technology usage, and best practices within the context of the global community.


By familiarizing themselves with these top online resources, early childhood teachers can continually refine their skills and knowledge to cater to their students’ unique developmental needs better. With such vast information available at their fingertips, educators can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in teaching young children more confidently.

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