11 First Grade Science Projects to Pique Everyone’s Interest

  1. Grow Your Own Crystals: Let your child explore the fascinating world of crystals by growing their own. Use common household items like salt or sugar and follow simple instructions to observe the crystal formation process.
  1. Sink or Float: This classic experiment never fails to captivate young minds. Gather a variety of objects from around the house and have your child predict which ones will sink and which ones will float. Then, encourage them to test their hypotheses in a tub of water.
  1. Rain in a Jar: Teach your child about the water cycle by creating a mini rainstorm in a jar. Fill a glass jar with water, cover it with plastic wrap, and place an ice cube on top. Watch as condensation forms and eventually rains back into the jar.
  1. Make a Volcano: Combine the excitement of volcanoes with a simple chemical reaction. Build a volcano out of clay or playdough, create a baking soda and vinegar mixture, and watch as it erupts with fizzy lava.
  1. Magnetic Magic: Introduce the concept of magnetism by conducting simple experiments. Have your child explore which objects are attracted to magnets and which ones are not. They can also try to build their own magnetic sculptures.
  1. Shadow Puppets: Teach your child about light and shadow by creating their own shadow puppets. Using a flashlight and a white wall or sheet, encourage them to make different shapes and characters with their hands and tell stories through shadows.
  1. Rainbow Science: Unleash your child’s inner artist and scientist by conducting experiments with rainbows. They can create rainbows using a glass of water and a flashlight or explore color mixing with a set of prisms.
  1. Floating Egg: Show your child the wonders of density by making an egg float in water. Fill a glass with water, add salt gradually, and stir until the egg floats. Discuss the concept of buoyancy and why the egg can float in saltwater but not freshwater.
  1. Baking Soda Rockets: Combine chemistry and physics by making baking soda rockets. Create a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in a plastic film canister, secure the lid, flip it over, and watch as it shoots into the air.
  1. Butterfly Life Cycle: Teach your child about the life cycle of a butterfly by raising caterpillars at home. Purchase a butterfly kit with live caterpillars and witness their transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.
  1. Sundial Science: Explore the concept of timekeeping with a homemade sundial. Use a paper plate, a pencil, and a watch to mark the time throughout the day based on the shadow cast by the sun.

With these engaging first grade science projects, your child will not only learn about various scientific concepts but also develop their curiosity and critical thinking skills. Enjoy exploring the wonders of science together!


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