11 Hands-On Heart and Circulatory System Activities For Kids

  1. DIY Model Heart: Create a model of a heart using materials like clay or playdough. Teach kids about the different parts of the heart and how they function.
  1. Heart Rate Experiment: Have children measure their resting heart rate and then engage in different physical activities like jumping jacks or jogging. Observe how their heart rate changes and discuss the importance of exercise for a healthy heart.
  1. Circulation Relay: Set up a relay race where kids have to transport objects (representing blood cells) from one point to another. This activity demonstrates how blood circulates throughout the body.
  1. Circulatory System Puzzle: Provide a puzzle with pieces representing different parts of the circulatory system. Assemble the puzzle together while discussing the role of each component.
  1. Heart Healthy Recipe: Engage kids in preparing a heart-healthy recipe, such as a fruit salad or a vegetable stir-fry, to emphasize the importance of a balanced diet for a healthy cardiovascular system.
  1. Heart Dissection Simulation: Use virtual tools or educational apps to simulate a heart dissection. This activity allows children to explore the internal structure of the heart without using real specimens.
  1. Heartbeat Art: Have kids create artwork using their heartbeat as inspiration. Show them how to incorporate heartbeats into their drawings or paintings, encouraging creativity and learning at the same time.
  1. Blood Cell Models: Using craft materials, help kids create models of red and white blood cells. Discuss their functions and how they contribute to the circulatory system.
  1. Stethoscope Experiment: Allow kids to use a stethoscope to listen to their own heartbeat and observe how it changes during different activities or emotions. This hands-on experience helps them connect with their own bodies and understand the importance of heart health.
  1. Human Body Trivia Game: Create a trivia game focused on the circulatory system. Ask questions about blood vessels, the heart’s structure, and functions, inspiring kids to learn while having fun.
  1. Heartbeat Counting Challenge: Have children count how many times their heart beats in one minute. Compare their results and discuss the factors that can affect heart rate, such as exercise, emotions, and caffeine.

Remember to adapt these activities to the age and abilities of the children involved. These hands-on activities will not only teach kids about the heart and circulatory system but also make learning fun and engaging.



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