12 Creative Ways To Celebrate Read Across America Day

1. Book Character Dress Up: Encourage students and staff to come to school dressed as their favorite book character. This is a fun way to engage everyone in conversations about their favorite stories.

2. Bookmark Design Contest: Host a bookmark design contest, where students create an original design based on their favorite books or characters. Display the entries around the school and award prizes for the top picks.

3. Reading Marathon: Organize a reading marathon! Set aside time throughout the day for silent reading, group story sessions, or reading aloud to one another. Track your progress by marking off milestones on a themed map.

4. Class Book Swap: Each student brings in a gently used book they’ve enjoyed and places it in a designated area. Then, allow students to browse through the various titles and choose one to take home and cherish.

5. Author Visit: Arrange for a local author or illustrator to visit your school virtually or in-person. They can read from their works, discuss their writing/illustrating process, and answer students’ questions.

6. Literacy Night: Host an evening event dedicated to celebrating reading and writing. Offer workshops, guest speakers, competitions, games, and other fun activities related to literacy.

7. Poetry Slam: Encourage students of all ages to write their own poems inspired by their favorite books or characters and present them at a poetry slam during your Read Across America Day event.

8. Reading Challenges: Create reading challenges such as timed reading races, reading with a partner, or building a “bookworm” challenge by encouraging students to read books from different genres or categories.

9. Storytime with Community Members: Invite community members (police officers, firefighters, local athletes) to participate as guest readers for storytime sessions with different classes.

10. Read-Aloud Chain: Start a read-aloud chain by picking a popular book that everyone will enjoy. Pass the book around, and have each reader pick up where the last person left off. Keep going until the book is complete!

11. Classroom Door Decorating Contest: Let each class decorate their classroom door inspired by their favorite book or literary theme. Award prizes for creativity, originality, and synergy!

12. Themed Reading Corners: Designate different areas of the school to be themed reading corners, complete with comfortable seating and relevant books. These can be tailored to various grade levels or interests.

By celebrating Read Across America Day in creative ways, you can encourage a love for reading and inspire children to curl up with a brand new book!

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