12 Ways You Can Teach With Pop Its!


Pop Its, the sensory fidget toys that have taken the world by storm, are not just for stress relief. These colorful, bubble-popping delights can also be great tools for teaching and learning. In this article, we will explore 12 creative ways you can incorporate Pop Its into your educational practices, whether you are a teacher, a parent, or an educator. Let’s dive in!

    1. Math Magic:

Transform basic math concepts into an engaging and tactile experience using Pop Its. Ask students to pop the bubbles to solve addition, subtraction, or multiplication problems. You can even create a Pop It number line to help visualize mathematical operations.

    1. Language Learning:

Enhance vocabulary and language understanding with Pop Its. Write different words or phrases on each bubble and have students pop them to create sentences or find synonyms and antonyms. This interactive approach will make language learning much more enjoyable.

    1. Letter Recognition:

Teach letter recognition and phonics by writing letters on the bubbles. Ask students to pop the bubbles in alphabetical order or identify the sound each letter makes. This method adds a kinesthetic element to the learning process.

    1. Spelling Challenges:

Boost spelling skills with Pop Its. Write challenging words on the bubbles and have students pop them in the correct order to spell the word. This fun game will encourage word retention and improve spelling accuracy.

    1. Creative Storytelling:

Inspire imaginative thinking and storytelling abilities with Pop Its. Write different story elements such as characters, settings, and events on the bubbles. Each student can pop a bubble and incorporate that element into their storytelling. This activity nurtures creativity and improvisation.

    1. Science Experiments:

Create interactive science experiments using Pop Its. Fill the bubbles with different substances like water, oil, or vinegar, and ask students to predict the reaction when popped. This hands-on approach fosters curiosity and critical thinking.

    1. Fine Motor Skills:

Develop fine motor skills with Pop Its. Encourage students to pop the bubbles using different fingers or using specific hand movements. This activity enhances hand-eye coordination and finger strength.

    1. Memory Games:

Enhance memory and concentration with memory games using Pop Its. Write matching pairs of words or images on the bubbles, and students can take turns popping them to find the matches. This game challenges cognition and improves memory retention.

    1. Emotional Regulation:

Promote emotional regulation and self-awareness using Pop Its. Instead of popping the bubbles,

students can count their breaths while pressing down on each bubble. This activity helps in managing stress and anxiety.

    1. Sorting and Categorizing:

Teach sorting and categorizing skills with Pop Its. Write different categories or attributes on the bubbles and ask students to sort them accordingly. This activity reinforces organizational skills and critical thinking.

    1. Historical Timeline:

Create a visual representation of historical events using Pop Its. Write important dates or events on each bubble and ask students to arrange them in chronological order. This activity aids in understanding historical timelines and sequences.

    1. Group Activities:

Foster teamwork and collaboration with group activities using Pop Its. Divide students into groups and provide them with a set of Pop Its. Each group can come up with their unique educational game or activity, promoting cooperation and creativity.


Pop Its are more than just fidget toys; they can serve as excellent educational tools. The versatility and tactile nature of Pop Its make them suitable for various subjects and age groups. By incorporating these 12 creative ways to teach with Pop Its, you can make learning enjoyable, engaging, and unforgettable. So, grab your Pop Its and let the educational fun begin!

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