13 Hacks to Teach Kids to Take Pride in Their Schoolwork

Are you looking for hacks to teach kids to take pride in their school work? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the student to use a pencil grip (e.g., three-sided foam rubber, etc.) to assist in appropriate positioning of the pencil or pen.

2. Give the student additional time to perform schoolwork to achieve increased accuracy and quality.

3. Embody appropriate handwriting at all times.

4. Assess the appropriateness of tasks designated if the student continuously fails to finish tasks with minimal accuracy.

5. Talk regularly with the student to monitor task performance.

6. Organize their surroundings to give the student increased chances for help or assistance on academic or homework (e.g., peer tutors, seat the student near the teacher or aide, etc.).

7. Assess student performance in an assortment of ways (e.g., have the student give oral explanations, simulations, physical demonstrations, etc.).

8. Give sufficient repetition and drill to assure minimal accuracy of tasks (i.e., require mastery/minimal accuracy before moving to the next skill level).

9. Make sure that all educators who work with the student keep consistent expectations of accuracy and quality.

10. Give the student shorter tasks while increasing accuracy and quality expectations.

11. Select a peer to work with the student to give an acceptable model for the student.

12. Do not expect mastery too soon after introducing new information, skills, etc.

13. Consider using assistive technology designed to help students to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to concentrate. Click here to view list of assistive technology apps that we recommend.

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