13 World Kindness Day Ideas to Teach Kids to Be Kind in Your Classroom

World Kindness Day is an international holiday that promotes kindness throughout the world. Celebrated on November 13th each year, it’s a wonderful opportunity for educators to teach children about the importance of being kind. Here are 13 creative and impactful ideas you can incorporate into your classroom to mark this day and instill kindness in young hearts and minds.

1. Kindness Circle: Start the day with a kindness circle where each student can compliment another person in the class or share something kind they did recently.

2. Kindness Rocks: Have students paint rocks with positive messages and place them around school grounds or in the community for others to find.

3. ‘What Would You Do?’ Scenarios: Discuss hypothetical scenarios that call for compassion and encourage students to brainstorm kind responses.

4. Acts of Kindness Chart: Create a chart to keep track of acts of kindness. Each student can add a sticker to the chart when they do something nice for someone else.

5. Letters of Appreciation: Encourage students to write letters of appreciation to school staff, family members, or friends.

6. Random Acts of Kindness Challenge: Challenge students to perform random acts of kindness throughout the week and document their experiences.

7. Kindness Bookmarks: Have students create and decorate bookmarks with inspiring quotes about kindness, which they can give out or exchange with classmates.

8. Partner Up for Kindness: Pair up students and have them spend the day being extra kind to their “kindness buddy” by helping out with tasks, offering encouragement, or sharing supplies.

9. Volunteer Opportunities: Research local volunteer opportunities where students can participate and make a positive impact on their community.

10. Gratitude Journal: Introduce a gratitude journal where each student writes down something they are thankful for every day, encouraging positivity and thankfulness.

11. Kindness Tree: Create a classroom ‘Kindness Tree’ where students can hang leaves noting acts of kindness they’ve witnessed or participated in.

12. Positive Affirmations: Teach kids about positive affirmations and have them craft their own as well as share them with their peers.

13. Compliment Balloons: Fill balloons with compliments and let each student pop one at the end of the day, learning a new thing someone else appreciates about them.

Including these activities in your celebration of World Kindness Day is not only fun but also incredibly valuable in teaching kids how powerful and important kindness is in our world today. Let’s empower them with the belief that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

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