14 Fascinating European Medieval and Middle Ages Activities for Kids

  1. Mini Jousting Tournament: Organize a mock jousting tournament using pool noodles as lances and cardboard boxes as horses. Let the kids take turns as knights and cheer for them.
  1. Castle Building: Encourage creativity by providing materials like cardboard, craft sticks, and paper to build miniature castles. They can also paint and decorate them to their liking.
  1. Tapestry Making: Teach kids about medieval tapestries and their significance. Provide fabric, markers, and fabric glue so they can create their own tapestry designs.
  1. Shield Painting: Set up a painting station where kids can decorate their own shields. Provide cardboard cutouts or wooden blanks, paint, and brushes for them to unleash their creativity.
  1. Medieval Dress-Up: Have a dress-up corner filled with medieval-themed costumes, hats, and props. Let the kids transform into knights, princesses, or even jesters for some imaginative play.
  1. Archery Lessons: Set up a safe archery range using foam arrows and targets. Teach kids the basics of archery, such as proper stance and how to aim, while emphasizing safety rules.
  1. Medieval Feast: Host a medieval-themed feast complete with food that was common in that era, such as bread, cheese, fruits, and roasted chicken. Encourage them to eat with their hands!
  1. Coat of Arms Design: Explain the concept of coat of arms and its importance. Provide paper, markers, and stickers for kids to create their own personalized coat of arms that represents them.
  1. Medieval Board Games: Introduce kids to traditional board games from the Middle Ages, such as chess, checkers, or backgammon. Teach them the rules and let them enjoy some friendly competition.
  1. Castle Excavation: Create a sensory activity by burying small toy knights, horses, and treasure in a sandbox or sensory bin filled with sand. Let kids excavate and discover hidden treasures.
  1. Renaissance Art: Introduce kids to famous artists from the Renaissance period, like Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo. Let them try their hand at recreating one of their famous artworks.
  1. Knight Training Course: Set up an obstacle course with different challenges to test the kids’ knight skills. Include activities like crawling under a “castle wall” or balancing on a beam.
  1. Medieval Storytelling: Gather the kids around and read or tell them stories about knights, dragons, and medieval adventures. Encourage them to use their imagination and create their own stories.
  1. Medieval Music: Play some medieval music in the background and let the kids explore musical instruments from that era, such as recorders, flutes, or drums. They can learn simple tunes or create their own melodies.

These activities will not only entertain kids but also educate them about European medieval and middle Ages history in a fun and interactive way. Happy medieval playtime!

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