14 Instagram-Worthy Teacher Hacks to Try in Your Classroom


Instagram is not only a platform for sharing photos and videos but also a source of inspiration for many teachers around the world. By incorporating some Instagram-worthy hacks into your classroom, you can create an engaging and visually appealing learning environment. In this article, we will explore 14 teacher hacks that are not only practical but also perfect for capturing those picture-perfect classroom moments.

    1. Colorful Classroom Decor:

Start by adding pops of colors to your classroom décor. Use vibrant wall displays, colorful cushions, and eye-catching bulletin boards to create an inviting space for your students.

    1. Thematic Displays:

Create thematic displays that reflect the topics being covered in your lessons. Whether it’s a science corner filled with plants and lab equipment or a literary corner with cozy reading nooks, these displays will make your classroom Instagram-ready.

    1. Organize with Labels:

Labels are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Use color-coded labels to help your students locate materials and resources easily. It also adds a neat and organized look to your classroom.

    1. Interactive Word Walls:

Transform your traditional word walls into interactive displays. Incorporate QR codes, images, and examples to make it more engaging for your students. They can scan the codes to access more information or watch related videos.

    1. Inspirational Quotes:

Add inspirational quotes to your classroom walls to motivate and inspire your students. Choose quotes that resonate with your teaching philosophy and encourage a positive learning environment.

    1. Student-Created Artwork:

Encourage your students to create artwork that showcases their understanding of the topics being taught. Hang these masterpieces around the classroom, and don’t forget to give credit to the artist.

    1. Instagram Moments Board:

Create an “Instagram Moments” board where you can showcase pictures of special classroom moments or achievements. This will not only serve as a visual reminder of the fun times but also create a sense of community among your students.

    1. DIY Classroom Props:

Get creative and make your own classroom props out of inexpensive materials. From themed cutouts to 3D models, these DIY props will add a personal touch to your classroom décor.

    1. Cozy Reading Corners:

Create cozy reading corners with bean bags, cushions, and shelves filled with books. Enhance the experience by adding fairy lights or inviting décor that encourages a love for reading.

    1. Interactive Learning Stations:

Set up interactive learning stations where students can engage in hands-on activities. Incorporate technology, manipulatives, or multimedia resources to make the stations more interactive and visually appealing.

    1. Student-Centered Work Displays:

Dedicate a space to showcase your students’ work. Use display boards or clotheslines to proudly present their achievements and projects. Rotate the displays regularly to keep it fresh and inspiring.

    1. Visual Timetables:

Replace traditional timetables with visual ones that use icons or images to represent each subject or activity. This will make it easier for students to understand and follow the schedule.

    1. Chalkboard Art:

Utilize your chalkboard or whiteboard to create visually appealing displays. Draw diagrams, mind maps, or doodles that summarize important concepts or engage your students in a fun way.

    1. Collaborative Class Murals:

Engage your students in collaborative art projects where they work together to create a mural. This not only promotes teamwork but also produces a visually stunning piece of art for all to enjoy.


By incorporating these 14 Instagram-worthy teacher hacks into your classroom, you can create a

learning environment that is both visually appealing and engaging for your students. Remember, it’s not just about the aesthetics; these hacks also provide opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and personal expression. So, get ready to transform your classroom into an Instagram-worthy space that inspires both you and your students.

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