14 Strategies to Help Learners Improve Their Visual Memory

Are you looking for strategies that help your students improve their visual memory? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the student to read and follow one-, two-, and three-step instructions.

2. Get the student to listen and take notes for “Who, What, Where, On occasions where, How, and Why” when ideas are presented.

3. Utilize several modalities (e.g., auditory, visual, tactile, etc.) when presenting instructions, explanations, and instructional content .

4. Give the student auditory signals to help them remember the information previously presented (e.g., say keywords, give a brief oral description to clue the student, etc.).

5. Cut images from a cartoon strip. Present the images to the student in the correct sequence. Shuffle the images and ask the student to place them in the correct sequence.

6. Get the student to play concentration games (e.g., matching numbers, words, symbols, etc., by turning them over and remembering their place).

7. Show instructions following the outline of (1) What, (2) How, (3) Learning materials, and (4) On occasions where.

8. Minimize visual distractions by isolating the information that is presented to the student (e.g., cover other information on the page, expose only a portion of an image at a time, etc.).

9. Find the student’s most efficient learning mode. Utilize it continuously to enable the student’s comprehension (e.g., if the student has difficulty comprehending written information or instructions, present the information orally).

10. Record stories, instructions, etc., so the student may listen to the information while reading along.

11. Spotlight essential information the student reads (e.g., instructions, reading tasks, math word problems, etc.).

12. Minimize the amount of information on a page if it is causing visual distractions for the student (e.g., less print to read, fewer problems, isolate information this is presented to the student, etc.).

13. Give the student more than one exposure to the visual information prior to requiring them to remember it.

14. Consider using an education app to help the student enhance their visual memory. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

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