14 Ways to Support Learners Who Cannot Write Within a Given Space

Are you looking for ways to support students who cannot write within a given space? If so, keep reading.

1. Give the student physical encouragement by guiding their hand as they write.

2. Get the student to correct their own writing errors.

3. Get the student to perform a “practice page” before turning in the actual task.

4. Get the student to practice writing letters, words, and sentences by tracing over a sequence of dots.

5. Give the student extra-large sheets of paper on which to write. As the student shows success, slowly lessen the size of the paper to standard size.

6. Acknowledge quality work (e.g., display student’s work, congratulate the student, etc.).

7. Give the student the appropriate learning materials to finish the task (e.g., pencil with eraser, paper, dictionary, handwriting sample, etc.). Make sure that the student has only the appropriate learning materials on the desk.

8. Utilize vertical lines or graph paper to help the student space letters correctly.

9. Create a border, so the student understands when they have written to the edge of the writing space.

10. Assess the appropriateness of the task to ascertain (a) if the task is too easy, (b) if the task is too complicated, and (c) if the duration of time scheduled to finish the task is sufficient.

11. Give the student shorter writing tasks. As the student shows success, slowly increase the number of writing tasks over time.

12. Provide the student with one handwriting task to finish at a time. Present the next task only when the student has successfully finished the prior task.

13. Get the student to take part in writing learning activities designed to cause the student to want to be successful in writing (e.g., writing a letter to a friend, rock star, famous athlete, etc.).

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