14 Ways to Teach Students to Take Notes During Class

Are you looking for ways to teach students to take notes during class? If so, keep reading.

1. Teach the learner that instructions or lectures should be written in the form of notes when they are presented.

2. Get the learner to practice legible manuscript or cursive handwriting during simulated and actual note-taking learning activities.

3. Get the learner to keep their notes organized in a folder for each subject or learning experience.

4. Inspect the learner’s notes before they begin a task to ascertain if they contain sufficient information for the task.

5. Give the learner an outline or questions to be finished during the presentation of instructions or lectures.

6. Give the learner samples of students’ notes of classroom instructions or lectures that have been given so that they may learn what information is appropriate when taking notes.

7. Make sure the learner is in the best place in the classroom to receive information for note-taking (e.g., near the board, teacher, or other sources of information).

8. Make sure that supervision of the learner’s note-taking can easily be given.

9. Get the learner to prepare for tests using the “Who, What, Where, On occasions where, How, and Why” method. The teacher should then test this same information.

10. Show instructions and lectures clearly and loudly enough for the learner to hear.

11. Give the learner both oral and written instructions.

12. Pair the rate of delivery of the instructions and lectures to the learner’s capacity and ability to take notes.

13. Give instructions and lectures in sequential steps to enable learner note-taking.

14. Consider providing the student with a notetaking app. Click here to view a list of the best of the best notetaking apps.

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