15 5th Grade Science Projects That Will Blow Your Students’ Minds

  1. Floating Egg Experiment: Teach your students about density by demonstrating how to make an egg float in water. This hands-on project will leave your students amazed!
  1. Homemade Volcano: Create a volcanic eruption right in your classroom! This classic science experiment never fails to captivate students as they witness the explosive reaction between baking soda and vinegar.
  1. Solar System Model: Help your students understand the vastness of our solar system by guiding them in building a scaled-down model. This interactive project will spark their curiosity about outer space.
  1. Invisible Ink: Unleash the secret agents within your students by introducing them to the world of invisible ink. They’ll be thrilled as they write secret messages and reveal them using simple household ingredients.
  1. Static Electricity Butterfly: Teach the concept of static electricity by showing your students how to make a butterfly fly with the power of static electricity. This project will leave them buzzing with excitement!
  1. Rainbow in a Jar: Combine some common pantry items and explore density with the mesmerizing rainbow in a jar experiment. Your students will be amazed as they witness the layers of colors forming before their eyes.
  1. Edible Rock Cycle: Turn the rock cycle into a tasty experience by creating edible versions of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. This project will make geology come to life for your young scientists!
  1. Bouncy Egg: Demonstrate the effects of chemical reactions by transforming a regular egg into

a bouncy one. Your students will be astonished as they witness the egg’s newfound elasticity.

  1. Water Cycle Bracelet: Teach your students about the water cycle while engaging their creativity. By making a water cycle bracelet, they’ll have a wearable reminder of the different stages of this essential process.
  1. Magic Pepper and Soap Experiment: Show your students the science behind surface tension by making pepper scatter with a simple touch of soap. This magical experiment will leave them eager to learn more.
  1. Balloon Rocket: Teach Newton’s third law of motion in a fun and exciting way by guiding your students in making a balloon rocket. They’ll be amazed as they witness the power of propulsion.
  1. Elephant Toothpaste: Create a colorful and foamy chemical reaction by making elephant toothpaste with common household items. Your students will be in awe as they witness the explosion of foam.
  1. Oobleck: Introduce your students to a mesmerizing non-Newtonian fluid with the creation of oobleck. They’ll be fascinated by its ability to behave like a liquid and a solid simultaneously.
  1. Popcorn Science: Combine a favorite snack with science as you explore the principles of heat transfer and pressure. Your students will be thrilled to witness the transformation of kernels into fluffy popcorn.
  1. Egg in a Bottle: Demonstrate the power of air pressure by showing your students how to get an egg into a bottle without breaking it. This mind-boggling experiment will leave them questioning the laws of physics.

These 15 5th grade science projects are sure to blow your students’ minds and foster their love for learning in the field of science. Get ready for a classroom full of engaged and enthusiastic young scientists!

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