15 Best Resources for Free Social Justice Lesson Plans, Activities, and More

  1. Teaching Tolerance – This website offers a wide range of lesson plans, activities, and resources on social justice topics. They provide free access to high-quality materials for educators and students alike.
  1. Amnesty International – Amnesty International provides educational resources on human rights, including lesson plans and activities that promote social justice issues. These resources are available for free on their website.
  1. Rethinking Schools – Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit publisher that focuses on social justice education. They offer free resources, lesson plans, and articles on various topics related to social justice.
  1. Teaching for Change – Teaching for Change provides free lesson plans, articles, and teaching materials that address social justice issues. They aim to promote equity and multiculturalism in the classroom.
  1. Zinn Education Project – The Zinn Education Project offers free downloadable teaching materials and resources that focus on the people’s history of social movements and social justice issues.
  1. Facing History and Ourselves – Facing History and Ourselves provides free lesson plans, teaching strategies, and resources that explore social justice, racism, and prejudice.
  1. Learning for Justice – Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) offers free resources, lesson plans, and activities that promote social justice, anti-bias education, and diversity.
  1. EduChange – EduChange provides free resources and lesson plans that address social justice issues, including topics like racial equality, gender equality, and human rights.
  1. Share My Lesson – Share My Lesson is an open marketplace where educators can share and download free lesson plans, activities, and resources on a wide range of subjects, including social justice.
  1. National Education Association – The National Education Association offers free lesson plans, resources, and articles on social justice and social issues affecting education.
  1. National Society of Black Engineers – The National Society of Black Engineers provides free resources, lesson plans, and activities that promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice in STEM education.
  1. TED-Ed – TED-Ed offers a variety of free educational videos and lessons on social justice topics. These resources can be used to spark discussions and engage students in critical thinking.
  1. Teaching Channel – Teaching Channel provides free videos, lesson plans, and teaching strategies that address social justice issues and promote equity in education.
  1. Southern Poverty Law Center – The Southern Poverty Law Center offers free educational materials, lesson plans, and activities that explore social justice, civil rights, and tolerance.
  1. Edutopia – Edutopia is a website that offers free resources, articles, and ideas on social justice education, including lesson plans and activities that promote equity and inclusion in the classroom.

These resources provide a starting point for educators looking for free social justice lesson plans, activities, and more.

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