15 Clever And Creative Me-On-A-Map Activities


Me-On-A-Map activities are a fun, engaging way to help children understand the concept of maps, locations, and directions. They can also help kids become more aware of their surroundings and realize their place in the world. In this article, we’ll explore 15 clever and creative Me-On-A-Map activities that you can try with your kids or students.

1. My Neighborhood Map: Have children create a map of their neighborhood, including landmarks like their home, school, park, etc. Encourage them to add colors and details to make it personalized.

2. Layered Map Art: Children can create multi-layered maps by drawing their room, house, neighborhood, city, country, and continent on separate sheets of paper. Stack the layers together for a cool 3D effect.

3. Personalized Compass Rose: Teach kids about cardinal directions by having them design a unique compass rose featuring their favorite symbols or images.

4. Where Am I? Game: Kids draw or describe a location on a map (real or imaginary), and others have to guess where they are.

5. DIY Map Jigsaw Puzzle: Create custom jigsaw puzzles from printed maps of local areas or favorite destinations for hands-on learning fun.

6. Map Collage: Encourage children to collect old maps or print out images from the Internet and create a collage representing places they’d like to visit someday.

7. Pin The Tail On The City/Country: A twist on the classic party game – instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, players pin stickers onto a map while blindfolded and try to locate specific cities or countries.

8. Landmark Bingo: Create bingo cards with famous landmarks from around the world or your local area. Kids use atlases or online resources to find each landmark’s location on a map.

9. Global Hopscotch: Design a hopscotch board that takes players on a journey around the world. Incorporate flags, images, and trivia questions in each square to make it even more educational.

10. Map Treasure Hunt: Hide small prizes or clues throughout a mapped area (home, school, or neighborhood) and have kids search for them using directions and coordinates.

11. Story Mapping: Have children write a short story that takes place in multiple locations, then have them draw a map of the story’s world.

12. Map Memory: Create a memory game using images of maps and landmarks. Kids have to match the correct landmarks with their corresponding maps.

13. City Planners: Give children a blank map and let them design their ideal city with roads, buildings, parks, and other features.

14. Edible Maps: Use food items like candy, cereal, or fruits to create map features such as rivers, mountains, and borders. This tasty activity is great for younger children.

15. Map Scavenger Hunt: Compile a list of map-related tasks (e.g., finding specific coordinates or drawing a particular symbol) for kids to complete within a set time frame.


Incorporating Me-On-A-Map activities into your lesson plans or family outings can be fulfilling for both kids and adults alike. These projects encourage creativity while also teaching valuable skills like spatial awareness and navigation. Give these 15 activities a try and see just how much fun learning about maps can be!

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