15 Exciting Rounding Decimals Activities for Elementary Math


Rounding decimals is an essential math skill that elementary students need to master. To help young learners grasp this concept and make it more engaging, here are 15 exciting rounding decimals activities tailored for elementary math classes.

1.Rounding Relay Race:

Divide students into teams and have them round decimals to the nearest whole number. The first team to complete the task with the correct answers wins!

2.Rounding Decimal Bingo:

Create a Bingo game where the students round decimals and mark off the numbers on their Bingo cards to score a win.

3.Decimal Treasure Hunt:

Hide decimal numbers throughout your classroom and challenge students to find them, rounding each decimal they discover.

4.Round Up, Round Down Game:

In this game, students decide if they should round up or down to the nearest whole number based on different scenarios.

5.Rounding Decimal Puzzles:

Create puzzles with decimal numbers for your students to solve by rounding up or down.

6.Rounding Decimals Word Problems:

Help children practice their real-life application of rounding decimals by giving them word problems to solve.

7.Race to the Nearest Number Line:

Cnstruct a number line on the floor where students race against each other in a quest to round decimals and step across accordingly.

8.Memory Match Game:

Create pairs of matching cards with decimal numbers on one card and the rounded numbers on another. Students then try to match them in this memory-enhancing activity.

9.Leap over Decimals:

Design a hopscotch grid incorporating decimal numbers where students jump through the course while rounding each decimal number they land on.

10.Decimal Flashcards Competition:

Compete against each other using flashcards containing decimal numbers and their rounded equivalents, with players striving to answer correctly as fast as possible.

11.Musical Rounding Chairs:

Adapt the classic musical chairs game by attaching decimal numbers to each chair, requiring students to round the decimals when the music stops.

12.Rounding Decimals Coloring Activity:

Give students decimal numbers to round up or down and instruct them to color a drawing grid using specific colors for each rounded number.

13.Rounding Decimal Storytelling:

Students create short stories that incorporate rounding decimals, showcasing their creativity and understanding of the concept.

14.Estimate and Round:

Provide students with real-world items and their prices in decimals. Have the learners estimate the total cost after rounding before using a calculator to check their answers.

15.Rounding Decimal Quiz Show:

Host a quiz show where students answer rounding decimal questions for points, encouraging a healthy ambiance of competition while learning.


Make learning about rounding decimals in elementary math classes fun and engaging by incorporating these 15 activities into your lessons. Each activity will provide a different approach to challenge their skills and encourage practice in an enjoyable way.

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