15 Father’s Day Gifts Ideas to Make With Students This Year

Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor fathers, father figures, and paternal bonds. It’s an excellent opportunity for teachers and educators to engage their students in creative projects that can also double as heartfelt gifts. Here are 15 Father’s Day gift ideas that students can make this year:

1. Handprint Art – Children can use paint to create a colorful handprint on a canvas or cardstock. Frame it for an added touch.

2. Personalized Bookmarks – Using cardstock, students can create bookmarks decorated with drawings or messages expressing their love.

3. Customized Keychains – With some beads and string, or even shrink plastic, kids can make personalized keychains for dads.

4. Decorated Picture Frames – Have your students decorate wooden or cardboard frames and then insert a favorite photo.

5. Homemade Ties – For the younger crowd, paper ties decorated with markers or crayons are cute and simple to make.

6. Recorded Video Messages – Students can record heartfelt messages or perform short skits to share with their dads digitally.

7. Coupon Books – Kids can design homemade coupons redeemable for chores, hugs, or special one-on-one time.

8. Handmade Cards – A classic choice; students can use crafting supplies to make unique Father’s Day cards.

9. Baked Goods – Teach your class a simple cookie recipe they can bake at school or at home with supervision.

10. Desk Organizers – Using repurposed materials like cans or small boxes, students can create handy desk organizers for dad’s office space.

11. Potted Plants – Small potted herbs or succulents that kids have helped grow are both meaningful and practical gifts.

12. Sports Team Coasters – For sports fan dads, students can craft coasters in the colors or logos of their dad’s favorite team.

13. DIY BBQ Rubs/Sauces – Under guidance, students can mix spices to create a custom BBQ rub or sauce for grill-loving fathers.

14. Paperweights – Simple rocks painted by the kids or clay molded into shapes can serve as charming paperweights.

15. Duct Tape Wallets – Older students might enjoy crafting wallets made from colorful duct tape for a functional yet homemade gift.

These activities not only give students an opportunity to express their creativity but also teach them the value of giving thoughtful, handmade gifts to the special people in their lives.

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