15 Rhymes and Tricks for Teaching Multiplication


Multiplication is a fundamental aspect of mathematics, and as such, learning how to multiply efficiently and accurately is crucial for young minds. In today’s post, we’ll introduce you to 15 clever rhymes and tricks that can help make teaching multiplication fun and engaging for both students and educators alike!

1. Zero-Pointer

Remember that any number multiplied by zero will always equal zero.

“Zero time, sums decline,

Your answer is a flat line.”

2. Mighty One

Any number multiplied by one will remain the same.

“One on a mission,

Keeps the number in position.”

3. Double Trouble

Multiplying by two is the same as adding a number to itself.

“Twice the gain,

Add on the same.”

4. Three Steam Train

To multiply by three, simply double the number and add it to itself again.

“Three times hop,

One double then add on top.”

5. Fours Galore

Double a number twice to multiply it by four.

“Fours are more,

Two doubles to score.”

6. High Fives Alive

To multiply a number by five, cut it in half and then multiply it by ten.

“Five alive,

Half then more with ten’s drive.”

7. Sixes Mixes

Multiply a single-digit number by six by adding 5 to the digit and multiplying by ten, then subtracting that digit.

“Sixers tricks,

Add five, ten’s mix, less jiggles fix.”

8. Quick Sevens Mix

To multiply an integer with seven: double the integer, then triple, then add both results together.

“Sevens whirl,

Double and triple bond unfurl.”

9. Eight Legged Skate

To multiply a number by eight: double the number three times

“Eight’s momentum,

Triple-double mayhem!”

10. The Tens Rule Right

Multiply the number by 10 by simply adding a zero to the end.

“Ten times bright,

Add a zero in the night.”

11. Elevenses

To multiply a single-digit number by eleven: write the digit twice.

“Eleven’s double delight,

Digits together, side-by-side tight.”

12. Twelves Shelves

To multiply one-digit numbers by twelve, multiply by ten then add twice the number.

“Twelves are elves,

Times ten then add double dimes on shelves.”

13. Thirteen Magic Bean

Double, then triple, then add both results for multiplication by thirteen.

“Thirteen’s scene,

Double and triple, add those beans.”

14. Fourteen Ice Cream

Multiply the single-digit number by ten and then four; combine the results to find your answer.

“Fourteen dream,

Ten times’ cream, four scoops to redeem.”

15. Fifteens Are Swell

Multiply a single-digit number with fifteen: multiply it by ten then five; finally, add both results.

“Fifteen’s ring the bell,

Times ten — times five dwell, both combine well.”


Effective use of rhymes and tricks when teaching multiplication will not only increase knowledge retention but also make learning enjoyable for students. With these 15 handy tips in your educational arsenal, you’re sure to help young mathematicians master multiplication effortlessly!

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