15 Second Grade Books to Grow Your Classroom Library

Building a diverse and engaging classroom library is essential for fostering a love of reading among second-grade students. To help you create a well-rounded collection, here are 15 excellent books that will captivate and inspire young readers.

  1. “The Elephant and Piggie” series by Mo Willems: These humorous and heartwarming stories follow the misadventures of best friends Elephant and Piggie.
  1. “Ivy and Bean” series by Annie Barrows: This delightful series follows the adventures of two second-grade girls who become unlikely friends.
  1. “Diary of a Worm” by Doreen Cronin: This humorous and educational tale takes readers on a journey through the life of a friendly little worm.
  1. “Magic Tree House” series by Mary Pope Osborne: Join Jack and Annie as they travel through time and space in their magical tree house.
  1. “Mercy Watson” series by Kate DiCamillo: Follow the adventures of a lovable and mischievous pig named Mercy Watson.
  1. “The Bad Guys” series by Aaron Blabey: This hilarious series features a group of reformed villains who embark on thrilling and funny missions.
  1. “A Bad Case of Stripes” by David Shannon: This thought-provoking story tackles themes of individuality and self-acceptance.
  1. “Freckle Juice” by Judy Blume: Follow the journey of a boy who desperately wants freckles and the humorous consequences that follow.
  1. “The Chocolate Touch” by Patrick Skene Catling: This magical story tells the tale of a boy who discovers that everything he touches turns into chocolate.
  1. “Nate the Great” series by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat: Join detective Nate as he solves mysteries in his neighborhood with his trusty dog, Sludge.
  1. “Junie B. Jones” series by Barbara Park: Experience the hilarious and relatable adventures of spunky and precocious Junie B. Jones.
  1. “Clementine” series by Sara Pennypacker: Follow the imaginative and trouble-prone Clementine as she navigates life in the second grade.
  1. “How to Train Your Dragon” series by Cressida Cowell: Embark on a thrilling journey with Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, in this action-packed series.
  1. “Geronimo Stilton” series by Elisabetta Dami: Join journalist and mouse, Geronimo Stilton, as he uncovers thrilling adventures around the world.
  1. “Judy Moody” series by Megan McDonald: Meet Judy Moody, a loveable and spirited girl who navigates the ups and downs of second grade.

By including these 15 fantastic books in your classroom library, you can provide your second-grade students with a wide range of captivating stories that will engage their imaginations and instill a lifelong love of reading. Happy reading!

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