15 Strategies to Help Learners Who Cannot Write within a Given Space

Are you looking for strategies to help students who cannot write within a given space? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the student’s vision reviewed if it has not been recently reviewed.

2. Inspect the student’s work at several points throughout the task to make sure that the student is writing within a given space.

3. Inspect the student’s paper position. A right-handed person writing in cursive should tilt the paper to the left, so the lower left-hand comer points toward the person’s midsection, and as the writing progresses, the paper should shift, not the writing arm.

4. Inspect the student’s pencil grasp. The pencil should be held between the thumb and first two fingers, holding the instrument one inch from its tip.

5. Make sure the student is shifting their paper as the writing progresses.

6. Draw a margin on the right side of the student’s paper as a reminder for them to write within a given space.

7. Put a ruler or construction paper on the baseline, making sure the student touches the line for each letter.

8. Utilize a ruled paper with a midline, explaining to the student that minimum letters (a, b, c, d, e, g, h, etc.) touch the midline.

9. Spotlight lines on the paper for the student to use as encouragement.

10. Praise the student for each word or letter correctly spaced.

11. Get the student to look at correctly written content to serve as a model for them to mimic.

12. Darken the lines on the paper so the student can more easily use them to write within the given space.

13. Let the student draw their own lines on paper for writing learning activities .

14. Let the student use a ruler as a guide or “bottom line.”

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