15 Technology Activities for Pre-schoolers

In today’s digital age, it is essential to introduce children to technology at a young age. Here are 15 engaging technology activities for pre-schoolers that can help them develop essential skills while having fun.

1. Interactive Storytelling Apps: Apps like Me Books, StoryBots, and Just Books Read Aloud enable children to listen and interact with stories that can encourage language development and a love for reading.

2. Educational Games: Pre-schoolers can enjoy learning through play with educational games like ABC Mouse, PBS Kids Games, and Space Voyager.

3. Coding Basics: Teach your little ones the basics of coding with ScratchJr, an app specifically designed for children aged 5-7.

4. Virtual Field Trips: Tour famous landmarks virtually using Google Earth or explore the stars in space using Star Walk Kids.

5. Online Puzzles: Develop problem-solving skills by letting kids play online puzzle games like jigzone.com or Jigsaw Explorer.

6. Learn to Type: Start introducing your child to typing using a kid-friendly game like Dance Mat Typing or Tux Typing.

7. Digital Art: Let kids’ creativity shine by encouraging them to create digital art in apps like Tux Paint or Doodle Buddy.

8. Animated Creativity: Inspire their imaginations with animation platforms like ABCYa Animate or Toontastic 3D which allow children to create their animations and stories.

9. eBooks: Initiate an early interest in literature with eBooks that include interactive features like animations, voice narration or quizzes.

10. Math Apps: Encourage numerical skills through math-oriented apps such as Todo Maths, Quick Math Jr., or Dragonbox Numbers.

11. Video Calls: Practice communication skills by setting up video calls between your pre-schooler and family members using platforms like Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger Kids.

12. Online Music Creation: Spark an interest in music by introducing pre-schoolers to digital music-making tools like Soundation or Keezy.

13. Virtual Reality (VR): Introduce pre-schoolers to VR technology with age-appropriate experiences like National Geographic Kids VR or BBC Earth: Life in VR apps.

14. Digital Photography: Encourage children to develop an appreciation for photography using a kid-friendly camera app like Kiddle Camera.

15. Interactive Learning Platforms: Early learning websites such as Sesame Street or Nick Jr. offer engaging interactive activities that can stimulate your pre-schooler’s mind.

Incorporating technology into your pre-schooler’s learning experience can be both fun and educational. Remember to supervise their screen time and ensure a balanced mix of offline and online activities. Try out these activities and watch your child’s curiosity, creativity, and skills grow!

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