16 Awesome Kindergarten Blogs and Teachers to Follow


Kindergarten education is a crucial foundation for children’s academic and social development. In this digital age, there is a wealth of valuable resources available online, including educational blogs and dedicated teachers who go above and beyond to provide quality content for young learners. In this article, we will be highlighting 16 awesome kindergarten blogs and teachers that every parent, teacher, and educator should follow.

    1. The Kindergarten Connection

– Website: https://thekindergartenconnection.com/

– Description: This blog offers a comprehensive resource for kindergarten teachers, providing lesson plans, classroom management tips, and creative teaching ideas.

    1. Simply Kinder

– Website: https://www.simplykinder.com/

– Description: Simply Kinder is a one-stop-shop for all things kindergarten. Their blog features educational activities, crafts, and teaching strategies.

    1. Teach Preschool

– Website: https://teachpreschool.org/

– Description: This blog, led by Deborah J. Stewart, focuses on early childhood education and provides valuable insights and resources for kindergarten teachers.

    1. A Differentiated Kindergarten

– Website: https://differentiatedkindergarten.com/

– Description: Led by Marsha McGuire, this blog specializes in differentiated instruction for kindergarten students, offering practical tips and resources.

    1. Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten

– Website: https://mrswillskindergarten.com/

– Description: Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten blog is filled with engaging activities, lesson plans, and teaching strategies that inspire both teachers and students.

    1. KindergartenWorks

– Website: https://kindergartenworks.com/

– Description: This blog focuses on organizing and optimizing the kindergarten classroom, with a range of practical tips and resources for teachers.

    1. Pre-K Pages

– Website: https://www.pre-kpages.com/

– Description: Pre-K Pages is an excellent resource for play-based learning, offering thematic units, printables, and classroom management techniques.

    1. Kindergarten Smorgasboard

– Website: https://thekindergartensmorgasboard.com/

– Description: Greg Smedley-Warren, aka The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, provides engaging and creative teaching ideas for kindergarten educators.

    1. Make, Take, Teach

– Website: https://blog.maketaketeach.com/

– Description: This blog offers printable resources, classroom ideas, and interventions for kindergarten teachers, focusing on literacy and numeracy.

    1. Kindergarten Chaos

Website: https://kindergartenchaos.com/

– Description: Headed by Abigail Connors, Kindergarten Chaos provides a multitude of hands-on activities, STEM projects, and arts and crafts for young learners.

    1. Simply Sweet Teaching

– Website: https://www.simplysweetteaching.com/

– Description: This blog offers practical tips and resources for kindergarten teachers, with an emphasis on creating a positive classroom environment.

    1. The Moffatt Girls

– Website: https://themoffattgirls.com/

– Description: The Moffatt Girls blog provides a wide range of free printables, curriculum resources, and teaching tips for kindergarten teachers.

    1. Pre-Kinder Worksheets

– Website: https://prekinders.com/

– Description: Pre-Kinder Worksheets offers a plethora of free printables, worksheets, and activity ideas for kindergarten teachers and homeschooling parents.

    1. Kindergarten Rocks!

– Website: https://doodlebugsteaching.blogspot.com/

– Description: This blog by Doodle Bugs Teaching offers fun and engaging activities, games, and centers for kindergarten classrooms.

    1. Kinder Craze

– Website: https://kindercraze.com/

– Description: Kinder Craze provides creative teaching ideas, DIY projects, and classroom management strategies specifically tailored for kindergarten.

    1. Collaborative Kindergarten

– Website: https://collaborativekindergarten.com/

– Description: Collaborative Kindergarten blog offers a wide range of collaborative learning activities, incorporating group projects and hands-on learning experiences.


In the vast landscape of educational resources for kindergarten, these 16 blogs and teachers stand out for their valuable content, innovative teaching strategies, and dedication to fostering a love of learning in young students. By following these blogs and engaging with these teachers’ insights, educators and parents can enrich their kindergarten experience and provide children with the tools they need to thrive academically and socially.

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