16 Best Free and Paid Reading Websites for Kids

In today’s digital age, it’s important to foster a love for reading in children. Luckily, there are numerous reading websites available that provide engaging and educational content for kids. Whether you’re looking for free resources or are willing to invest in a paid subscription, here are the 16 best reading websites for kids:

  1. ABCmouse: ABCmouse offers a comprehensive curriculum with interactive activities and games for children aged 2-8.
  1. Reading Eggs: Reading Eggs combines phonics and sight words to teach reading skills in a fun and interactive way.
  1. Epic!: Epic! offers an extensive library of children’s books and allows kids to explore various genres and subjects.
  1. Starfall: Starfall provides educational games and interactive stories for children learning to read.
  1. National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids combines science and reading to inspire young minds.
  1. Storyline Online: Storyline Online features famous actors reading popular children’s books aloud, bringing stories to life.
  1. Funbrain: Funbrain offers educational games, books, and videos to make reading enjoyable for kids.
  1. Raz-Kids: Raz-Kids provides a vast collection of leveled books and quizzes, tailored to each child’s reading level.
  2. Scholastic Kids: Scholastic Kids offers book recommendations, games, and activities to promote literacy.
  1. Oxford Owl: Oxford Owl provides free e-books and activities for children at various reading levels.
  1. Bookshare: Bookshare offers a vast collection of accessible books for kids with reading disabilities.
  1. Into the Book: Into the Book teaches reading comprehension strategies through interactive activities.
  1. Unite for Literacy: Unite for Literacy provides free access to picture books in multiple languages to promote literacy for all.
  1. Reading Rockets: Reading Rockets offers strategies and resources for parents and educators to support children’s reading skills.
  1. StoryPlace: StoryPlace features interactive activities and animated stories for young children.
  1. ChatterPix Kids: ChatterPix Kids allows children to bring their own stories to life by animating their drawings and adding narration.

With these 16 best reading websites for kids, you can cultivate a love for reading and enhance your child’s literacy skills in an engaging way. Whether they prefer interactive games, captivating stories, or educational activities, there’s something for every young reader on these websites. Start exploring and watch your child’s reading abilities soar!

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