16 Distance Learning Art Projects That Only Require Basic Supplies

With the rise of distance learning, educators and students alike are finding creative ways to engage in art projects from home. Whether you’re a teacher looking for fun assignments or a student eager to express your creativity, these 16 distance learning art projects require only basic supplies that you likely have at home. Get ready to explore your artistic side!

  1. Nature Collage: Take a stroll around your backyard or local park and collect natural objects like leaves, flowers, and twigs. Create a collage by arranging and gluing them onto a piece of paper or cardboard.
  2. DIY Watercolor Painting: Fill a cup with water and grab some watercolors and a brush. Experiment with different techniques and create vibrant paintings on watercolor paper.
  3. Leaf Prints: Find interesting leaves with unique shapes and textures. Dip them in paint and press them onto a sheet of paper to create nature-inspired prints.
  4. Found Object Sculpture: Collect various objects around your house, like bottle caps, cardboard, and buttons. Use glue or tape to assemble them into a unique sculpture.
  5. Paper Mache Masks: Create your own masks using strips of newspaper and a mixture of glue and water. Once dry, paint and decorate them to bring your characters to life.
  6. Tie-Dye T-Shirts: Gather some plain white shirts, rubber bands, and fabric dye. Explore different tie-dye techniques like spirals or crumpling to create colorful patterns.
  7. Recycled Robots: Save cardboard boxes, bottle caps, and other recyclable materials. Use them to construct unique robots that showcase your imagination.
  8. Collage Self-Portraits: Cut out pictures from magazines or printouts of your favorite celebrities or places. Arrange them on a poster board to create a collage self-portrait.
  1. Sharpie Pointillism: Grab a pack of Sharpie markers and create detailed artworks by drawing dots in various colors.
  2. Nature Weaving: Collect long, thin sticks or twigs and weave natural materials like leaves, grass, and flowers between them to create beautiful wall hangings.
  3. Painted Rocks: Find smooth rocks outside and use acrylic or outdoor paint to transform them into cute animals, inspiring quotes, or colorful patterns.
  4. Paper Quilling: Roll thin strips of colored paper into different shapes and glue them together to create intricate designs and patterns.
  5. Stained Glass Art: Use tissue paper or colored cellophane to create a stained glass effect by layering them on a window or translucent surface.
  6. Homemade Playdough: Make your own playdough using flour, salt, water, and food coloring. Sculpt and shape it into creatures, objects, or anything else you fancy.
  7. Recycled Art: Turn everyday items like egg cartons, plastic bottles, or cardboard tubes into unique artworks. Cut, paint, and assemble them into something new and creative.
  8. Doodle Journals: Take a blank notebook or sketchbook and let your creativity run wild with doodles. Fill the pages with intricate designs, shapes, and patterns.

Distance learning doesn’t mean sacrificing artistic exploration. With these 16 art projects, you can unleash your creativity using basic supplies readily available at home. So, grab your materials and embark on an artistic journey from the comfort of your own space. Happy creating!

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