16 Fun and Engaging Activities to Celebrate National Activity Professionals Week


National Activity Professionals Week is a time to honor and recognize the dedicated individuals who enhance the lives of seniors and people with disabilities through creative, engaging, and uplifting activities. To celebrate this wonderful week, we have come up with a list of 16 exciting activities to show your appreciation for these hardworking professionals.

1. Host an Appreciation Luncheon: Organize a special luncheon for activity professionals in your community to thank them for their valuable contributions.

2. Create a Gratitude Wall: Set up a large display board where staff can write personal notes of appreciation or share stories of how they’ve made a difference in the lives of their clients.

3. Arrange a Talent Show: Encourage activity professionals and their clients to showcase their hidden talents in a fun and entertaining talent show.

4. Organize Community Workshops: Plan workshops focusing on various therapeutic arts such as painting, drama, music, or dancing, led by activity professionals.

5. Schedule Movie Nights: Host movie nights featuring inspiring films about overcoming challenges or documentaries about recreational therapy.

6. Recognize and Award Excellence: Introduce awards for exceptional performance in activity planning and implementation to show appreciation for outstanding professionals.

7. Host Skill-Building Training Sessions: Plan training sessions surrounding essential skills or stress-relieving techniques intended specifically for activity professionals.

8. Coordinate Networking Events: Allow activity professionals within your community to meet and exchange ideas by organizing social networking events.

9. Organize Group Exercises: Encourage physical health by holding group exercises or classes led by the celebrated activity professionals themselves.

10. Cook-Off Contest: Plan a friendly cook-off competition where activity professionals team up with their clients to create delicious meals together.

11. Host a Themed Costume Party: Arrange a costume party with themes specifically catered towards recreational therapy—think superheroes, favorite film characters, or occupations.

12. Feature a “Day in the Life” Series: Share stories and insights into the daily tasks of activity professionals via social media platforms or a community newsletter.

13. Appreciation Gifts: Create personalized gifts or certificates for activity professionals, which can be presented to them during the week.

14. Engage in Community Service Projects: Organize teams of activity professionals to volunteer at local non-profit organizations, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.

15. Sponsor an Art Exhibit: Display artwork created by clients under the guidance of activity professionals, showcasing their talents and therapeutic benefits of expressive arts.

16. Schedule a Mental Health and Relaxation Retreat: Offer relaxing escape opportunities such as mini retreats, yoga classes, or meditation sessions for rejuvenation – much-needed self-care for these dedicated professionals.


National Activity Professionals Week is an excellent opportunity to honor and celebrate those who contribute greatly to enhancing overall quality of life. Get involved in any or all of these 16 activities to bring joy and recognition to your community’s activity professionals, and inspire others to express gratitude for their essential work.

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