16 Great Websites for Teaching and Learning Music

In today’s world, there are countless resources available online for music teachers and students. We’ve compiled a list of 16 great websites that cater to teaching and learning music. These websites provide valuable resources for both beginners and advanced musicians, offering a vast array of tools, lessons, software, and more.

1. MusicTheory.net – Offering music theory lessons, exercises, tools, and even mobile apps, this site is perfectly suited for anyone wanting to learn or teach music theory fundamentals.

2. MusiciansWay.com – Created by Gerald Klickstein, the author of The Musician’s Way book, this site offers free articles and resources to help performers practice efficiently and build thriving careers.

3. Teoria.com – This website offers interactive music theory tutorials and exercises covering topics such as intervals, scales, chords, harmony, and ear training.

4. YouTube.com – The popular video-sharing platform has countless channels dedicated to teaching various aspects of music such as songwriting tips, instrument tutorials, vocal lessons, and more.

5. AudacityTeam.org – Audacity is a free open-source digital audio editor suitable for recording, editing, mixing, and exporting audio files in various formats.

6. VirtualSheetMusic.com – A digital sheet music library with thousands of classical compositions available for immediate download at a reasonable price.

7. Garageband.com – Apple’s entry-level Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) offers user-friendly multi-track recording software If you own an Apple device.

8. Ultimate-Guitar.com – A vast collection of guitar & bass tabs alongside useful guitar forum discussions providing support for guitarists or any level.

9. TakeLessons.com – An online platform connecting students with certified teachers for private lessons in instruments such as piano, guitar, voice coaching across various genres/styles.

10. TonalEnergy.com – A tuner/metronome app aimed at helping musicians improve their pitch, timing, and basic music theory.

11. Ableton.com – An innovative DAW that offers unique features tailored for electronic music producers, also featuring a comprehensive online learning platform.

12. SmartMusic.com – An interactive website that provides a repertoire of sheet music and notated music parts for various instruments to help students practice and assess their skills.

13. SightReadingFactory.com – A unique online tool allowing users to generate custom sight-reading exercises personalized based on their desired specifications (e.g., instrument type, difficulty, length).

14. IMSLP.org – The International Music Score Library Project provides free access to an extensive collection of public domain compositions and sheet music from various periods and styles.

15. GuitarTricks.com – A monthly subscription website offering an extensive library of beginner to advanced guitar lessons covering fundamental techniques, popular songs, blues, rock, country, and more.

16. ProTools.com – Industry-standard DAW software offering professional-grade recording, editing, and mixing features catered towards seasoned musicians or audio engineers.

These 16 websites can provide the tools needed for an immersive music education experience for teachers and students alike. Combining the website’s various offerings will help create a well-rounded learning journey in the world of music.

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