16 Ideas For Student Mailboxes That Fit Any Budget and Classroom

  1. Shoebox Organizer: Repurpose shoeboxes by decorating them with colorful paper or wrapping paper. Label each box with a student’s name and use them as individual mailboxes.
  1. DIY Cardboard Mail Sorter: Create a simple mail sorter using cardboard and dividers. Paint or cover it with decorative paper to match your classroom theme.
  1. File Folder Pockets: Attach file folder pockets to a bulletin board or wall for an organized and budget-friendly mailbox system. Each student can have their own pocket for receiving and returning assignments.
  1. Binder Clip Mailboxes: Attach binder clips to a string or wire hanging from the ceiling. Clip student names or numbers to the clips and use them as personalized mailboxes.
  1. Plastic Drawers: Invest in a set of plastic drawers with multiple compartments. Each drawer can be assigned to a specific student, providing a durable and long-lasting solution.
  1. Magazine Holder Mailboxes: Use magazine holders to create individual mailboxes. Decorate the holders to match your classroom decor and label them with student names.
  1. Cardboard Tray Mailboxes: Cut open cereal or shoebox lids and fold them into tray shapes. Decorate them with colorful paper and label each tray for student use.
  1. Wall-Mounted Pockets: Hang wall-mounted pockets or fabric shoe organizers on the wall or cubicle partitions. Each pocket can be designated for a student, allowing for efficient mail distribution.
  1. Pegboard Mail Slots: Attach small storage bins or baskets to a pegboard, creating mail slots for each student. Customize the size and arrangement of the slots according to your needs.
  2. Tissue Box Mailboxes: Repurpose tissue boxes by covering them with decorative paper and cutting a slot at the top. Students can drop their assignments through the slot, and you can easily retrieve them from the bottom.
  1. Stackable Crates: Use stackable plastic crates to create a functional and space-saving mailbox unit. Each crate can accommodate multiple student folders or assignments.
  1. Hanging Envelope Pockets: Hang large envelopes or pockets from a clothesline or string. Label each pocket with a student’s name and use them as individual mailboxes.
  1. Milk Crate Shelving Unit: Stack milk crates horizontally and vertically to create a customizable shelving unit with compartments for student mail.
  1. Wall-Mounted Organizer: Install a wall-mounted organizer with slots or slots and hooks. Students can place their assignments in the designated slots, and you can keep track of each student’s work easily.
  1. Accordion File Folders: Use accordion file folders with labeled tabs for each student. This portable solution is ideal for classrooms with limited space or for teachers who need to move their mailboxes frequently.
  1. Desk Mail Trays: Assign each student a desk mail tray where they can store their assignments. This option works well for classrooms where students have individual desks.

Implementing a student mailbox system in your classroom is essential for promoting organization and student accountability. These budget-friendly ideas provide practical solutions suitable for any classroom setup and budget constraints.

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