16 Nature Walk Activities for Kids

Engaging children in nature walks can ignite their curiosity and appreciation for the natural world. Here are 16 activities to make nature walks exciting and educational for kids:

1.Scavenger Hunt: Prepare a list of natural items for kids to find, such as acorns, feathers, or variously shaped leaves.

2.I Spy: Play a game of I Spy where children have to spot things in nature, such as something green or something that flies.

3.Nature Art: Collect natural materials to create artwork on the trail or at home.

4.Wildlife Observation: Encourage quiet observation to spot birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.

5.Texture Bag: Place objects with different textures into a bag and have kids reach in to describe what they feel.

6.Sensory Walk: Ask children to focus on one sense at a time, like listening for sounds or smelling flowers.

7.Leaf Rubbings: Place a leaf under paper and use crayons to make rubbings that reveal intricate patterns.

8.Nature Photographer: Equip kids with a camera or smartphone to capture the beauty around them.

9.Poetry in Nature: Have children reflect on their surroundings and write short poems or haikus about what they see.

10.Trail Blazers: Let the kids lead the way, making decisions about which paths to take.

11.Insect Inspection: Search for insects under rocks and logs, inspecting their habitat and behaviors.

12.Identify Plants: Use a guidebook or app to learn about the various plants along your path.

13.Cloud Watching: Lay on your back and watch the clouds go by, discussing the different shapes and forms you see.

14.Nature Charades: Act out different animals or elements found in nature while others guess what it is.

15.Rock Buddies: Collect rocks along the path and paint them later to create rock “buddies” or ornaments.

16.Eco-Warriors: Bring along garbage bags and gloves so kids can pick up litter, teaching them about preserving natural spaces.

Each of these activities is aimed at enhancing observational skills, fostering creativity, and instilling a love of nature in children while making family time engaging and fun on nature walks.


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