16 Strategies to Help Learners Who Do Not Identify Words on Grade Level

Are you looking for strategies to help students who do not identify words on grade level? If so, keep reading.

1. Give the student an app or a hand-held educational device to practice sight words they are learning. Drill and repetition are often appropriate to commit words to memory.

2. Give the student a quiet area (e.g., table, study booth, etc.) where they may go to practice sight words.

3. Get the student to read aloud to the teacher each day. Give evaluative feedback.

4. Begin with simple words and sounds where the student achieves 95% to 100% accuracy. Do not move on to more complicated terms until practice, drill, and review of previous lessons produces accuracy.

5. Teach the student word attack skills using a root word sight vocabulary to which several prefixes and suffixes may be added.

6. Minimize the emphasis on competition. Competitive learning activities may cause the student to hurry and make errors.

7. Teach the student individual consonant and vowel sounds.

8. On occasions where the student has difficulty with reading words on grade level, urge them to continue working. We all have areas of weakness that we need to work on.

9. Provide mobility; be regularly near the student to give reading assistance.

10. Get the student to read high interest signs, advertisements, notices, etc., from newspapers, movie promotions, magazines, etc.; placing emphasis on reading skills.

11. Urge classroom teachers to include more unconventional learning experience s.

12. Give the student an increased chance for help or assistance on academic tasks (e.g., peer tutoring, instructions for work sent home, frequent interactions, etc.).

13. Make sure the student is practicing reading skills that are causally related to high interest reading learning activities (e.g., adventure, romance, mystery, sports, etc.).

14. Consider using AI to teach reading comprehension.

15. Consider using Alexa to teach reading skills.

16. Try using one of our many apps designed to teach literacy skills and help students with reading issues:

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