16 Strategies to Help Students Who Have Trouble with Phonetic Approaches to Spelling

Are you looking for strategies to help students who have trouble with phonetic approaches to spelling? If so, keep reading.

1. Select a peer to model spelling words phonetically. Get the learner to read what a peer writes phonetically.

2. Cut a word apart letter by letter to make a puzzle. Get the learner to scramble the letters and then arrange them to spell the word.

3. Dictate one sound at a time for the learner to write.

4. Do not require the learner to learn more information than they are capable of learning at any time.

5. Get the learner to find a list of words each week that they want to learn to use in writing learning activities . Teach the learner phonetic approaches to spelling these words.

6. Give spelling practice using an app or a hand-held educational device that gives the learner instant feedback.

7. Do not require the learner to learn too many spelling words at one time.

8. Provide the learner fewer words to learn to spell at one time. Spend extra time on each word until they can spell it correctly.

9. Let the learner dictate sounds for you to write.

10. Select a peer to take part in daily drills spelling words phonetically with the learner.

11. Get the learner to be a peer tutor to teach a spelling concept they have learned to another learner. This can serve as reinforcement for the learner.

12. Minimize distracting stimuli in the classroom when the learner is working on spelling and related learning activities (e.g., place the learner in a carrel or “office” space).

13. Get the learner to practice a new spelling lesson or task alone or with an aide, the teacher, or a peer before trying it with the entire group or before being graded on it.

14. Utilize flash cards to teach the words. Get students to look at the word, say the word, then spell the word aloud as they are looking at the word.

15. Try several learning activities to help strengthen and reinforce the phonetic spelling of words (e.g., writing their own story, sentences, etc.).

16. Consider using one of the tools from of spelling apps list.

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