16 Ways to Motivate Learners to Finish Their Homework

Are you looking for ways to motivate students to finish their homework? If so, keep reading.

1. Establish a homework system for the student (e.g., 2 days a week, work with drill flash cards; 3 days a week, work on bookwork sent home, etc.). This will add some assortment to the student’s homework.

2. Make sure that the student knows the relationship between unacceptable behavior and the consequences that follow (e.g., forgetting to finish homework will result in a low grade).

3. Repeat instructions to increase the student’s likelihood of comprehension.

4. Make sure the student has learned the ideas presented at school. Homework should be a form of practice for what has been learned at school.

5. Get the student to create a specific time each evening to work on homework tasks.

6. Assess the degree of task difficulty to ascertain whether the student will require additional information, time, assistance, etc., to finish a task at home.

7. Get the student to ask a friend to call them at night or in the morning to remind them to bring tasks to school.

8. Provide instructions in an assortment of ways to enable the student’s comprehension (e.g., if the student fails to understand oral instructions, present them in written form).

9. Teach the student time-management skills. Get the student to make a daily plan and follow it. Urge the student to avoid becoming distracted by activities, impulses, and moods.

10. Let the student have additional time to turn in homework tasks.

11. Create a learning center at school where professional educators are available to help with homework tasks before school begins, the last hour of each school day, etc.

12. Get the student and a peer who has the same task to do their homework together (e.g., right after school at one home or the other, during study hall, etc.).

13. Praise those students in the classroom who finish their homework tasks and return them to school.

14. Send homework tasks and learning materials home with someone other than the student (e.g., brother, sister, neighbor, etc.).

15. Give the student a selection of tasks, requiring them to select a minimum number from the total (e.g., present the student with 10 academic tasks from which they must finish 6 that day).

16. Consider using an education app to help the student sharpen their organizational skills. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

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