16 Ways to Teach Learners to Exhibit Appropriate Behaviors Related to Bodily Functions

Are you looking for ways to teach students to exhibit appropriate behaviors related to bodily functions? If so, keep reading.

1. Do not leave the student unsupervised.

2. Take the student away from the learning experience until they show appropriate behavior.

3. Take the student away from the peer or situation that stimulates them to take part in unacceptable behavior related to bodily functions.

4. Notify other school staff members to make them aware of the problem.

5. Make sure the student knows how to use restroom facilities appropriately.

6. Give the student accurate information regarding bodily functions to answer questions and clear up misunderstandings.

7. Teach the student alternative ways to deal with their anger (e.g., talk with the teacher, move away from the situation, talk to other school staff members, etc.).

8. Convey concerns and communicate fears to the administration and seek a referral to an agency for investigation of possible abuse and neglect.

9. Give the student a full schedule of daily activities to increase active involvement in their surroundings.

10. Give the student a quiet space to work to lessen overstimulation. This is to be used to lessen stimulation, not as a form of punishment.

11. Select a peer to model appropriate social behavior for the student.

12. Provide visibility to and from the student. The teacher should be able to see the student; the student should be able to see the teacher. Make eye contact possible at all times.

13. Consider using a classroom management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

14. Consider using an adaptive behavior management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

15. Consider using Alexa to help the student learn to behave appropriately. Click here to read an article that we wrote on the subject.

16. Click here to learn about six bonus strategies for challenging problem behaviors and mastering classroom management.

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