16 Ways to Teach Students Spelling Rules

Are you looking for ways to teach students spelling rules? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the learner to spend time each day practicing the use of a single word ending (e.g., -ed). On occasions where the learner shows mastery of a word ending, introduce a new one.

2. Teach the learner spelling ideas at each level before introducing a new skill level.

3. Get the learner to type their list of spelling words.

4. Get the learner to use current spelling words in an important manner (e.g., writing a letter to a friend, rock star, famous athlete, etc.) to enable their desire to improve.

5. Spotlight word endings (e.g., -ed, -ing, -ly, -er; etc.) in the learner’s reading tasks to call attention to appropriate use of word endings.

6. Keep box of a salt or sand in which the learner can trace spelling words.

7. Get the learner to be a peer tutor to teach a spelling concept they have learned to another learner. This can serve as reinforcement for the learner.

8. Make sure the learner has sufficient time to finish written tasks to enable the learner’s improvement in using spelling rules.

9. Get the learner to write current spelling words in various places (e.g., smartboard, transparencies, on a posted list at their desk, etc.) throughout the classroom as they are learning them.

10. Utilize daily drills to help the learner memorize spelling rules.

11. Give the learner sufficient chances for the repetition of information through various experiences to improve their memory.

12. Get the learner to keep a dictionary of “most misspelled words” at their desk. Make the learner check the spelling of all words they are not certain are spelled correctly.

13. Make up a “rap” using the spelling rule.

14. Pair the learner with a peer to proofread each other’s work.

15. Get the learner to start a personal dictionary of misspelled words at their desk. Require them to check the spelling of all words they are not certain are spelled correctly.

16. Consider using one of the tools from of spelling apps list.

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