17 Fun ‘Get To Know You’ Questions & Games for Kids to Play on the First Day of School

The first day of school is an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking experience for kids. It’s a time filled with new faces, new environments, and the opportunity to make friends. To help break the ice and create a welcoming classroom atmosphere, here are 17 fun “get to know you” questions and games for kids to play on their first day.

1. Two Truths and a Lie: Each student shares two true things about themselves and one lie. The rest of the class has to guess which statement is the lie.

2. Find Someone Who: Create a bingo sheet with different statements like “Find someone who has a pet dog” or “Find someone who loves to eat pizza.” Kids have to find classmates who match the description and get their signature.

3. Would You Rather: Pose kid-friendly “Would you rather” questions such as “Would you rather read minds or fly?” to foster conversation.

4. Name That Person: Everyone writes down a few interesting facts about themselves. The teacher reads them aloud one by one, and the class has to guess who it is.

5. Classroom Scavenger Hunt: Develop a scavenger hunt that encourages kids to interact by finding items around the classroom that tell something about their classmates.

6. The Name Game: A rhythm game where each student says their name along with an adjective that starts with the same letter (e.g., Joyful Jessica).

7. Interview Introductions: Pair up students and have them interview each other for a few minutes before introducing their partner to the class.

8. Circle Sharing: Sit in a circle and toss around a ball; whoever catches it answers a question like “What’s your favorite hobby?” before throwing it to another person.

9. All About Me Bags: Ahead of time, have students fill a bag with items that represent them and share these items with the group.

10. Hello My Name Is: Each child wears a nametag and adds an illustration or sticker that shows something they love.

11. Dream Vacation Drawing: Let kids draw their dream vacation spot and then share it with the class, explaining why they chose it.

12. Show and Tell Special Object: Invite children to bring in an object special to them and explain its significance.

13. Friendship Bingo: This version of bingo will include different personality traits or hobbies in each square; students complete rows by finding friends with those traits.

14. Pass the Compliment: Sit in a circle. Roll a ball to someone, give them a compliment, and they do the same, rolling it on to another person.

15. Guess Who With Baby Pictures: Students bring in their baby pictures beforehand, which are then displayed anonymously for everyone to guess who is who.

16. Time Capsule Questionnaire: Have each student fill out a questionnaire about themselves which will be sealed in a time capsule to be opened at the end of school year.

17. Color Code Your Mood: Provide children with different colored cards where each color represents a mood (happy, scared, excited) which they can display on their desk, allowing for non-verbal communication about how they are feeling.

These activities will not only stimulate engagement but also promote an inclusive class culture where students are more comfortable interacting with one another throughout the school year.

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