17 Genius Ways to Motivate Learners Not to Fight with Their Peers

Are you looking for genius tricks to motivate students not to fight with peers? If so, keep reading.

1. Urge the student to tell you about problems that happen with other students at school.

2. Make sure there will always be adult supervision where the student is.

3. Do not force the student to play with other students with whom they are not entirely comfortable.

4. Make sure the student does not become involved in overstimulating learning activities.

5. Talk with the student about individual differences and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of individuals the student knows. Convey that the student does not have to do the same things everyone else does.

6. Select a peer who will be an excellent influence (e.g., someone younger/older, of the same gender, of the opposite gender, etc.).

7. Get the student to put themselves in someone else’s place (e.g., “How would you feel if someone called you dumb or stupid?”).

8. Do not leave the student alone with other students when they are upset or angry.

9. Do not force the student to interact with others.

10. Prior to beginning a learning experience or game, make sure the student knows the rules, is familiar with the learning experience or game, and will be compatible with the other individuals who will be playing.

11. Teach the student to ask for things positively. Teach keywords and phrases (e.g., “May I borrow your pencil?” “Do you mind if l play the game with you?” etc.).

12. Do not provide too much free time for the student.

13. Consider using a classroom management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

14. Consider using an adaptive behavior management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

15. Consider using Alexa to help the student learn to behave appropriately. Click here to read an article that we wrote on the subject.

16. Click here to learn about six bonus strategies for challenging problem behaviors and mastering classroom management.

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