17 Strategies to Encourage Learners to Interact With Their Teachers

Are you looking for strategies to encourage students to interact with their teachers? If so, keep reading.

1. Give the student the responsibility of being a teacher’s assistant for a learning experience (e.g., holding up flash cards, demonstrating the use of equipment, etc.).

2. Give the student the responsibility of tutoring another student.

3. Be sure to greet or acknowledge the student as often as possible (e.g., greet in the hallways or cafeteria, welcome to class, acknowledge a job well done, call the student by name, etc.).

4. Ask the student to be the leader of a cooperative learning experience if they possess a mastery of skills or an interest in that area.

5. Get the student to run errands that will require interactions with teachers (e.g., delivering attendance reports, taking messages to other teachers, etc.).

6. Talk with the student from a distance. Slowly decrease the distance until a close proximity is achieved.

7. Make sure that directions, explanations, and instructions are delivered on the student’s capacity and ability level.

8. Utilize an alternative form of communication (e.g., puppet).

9. Give the student many chances for social and academic success.

10. Create situations in which the student must interact (e.g., handing finished tasks to the teacher, delivering a message to a teacher, etc.).

11. Select a peer to model appropriate interaction with teachers for the student.

12. Urge the student to question any directions, explanations, and instructions not grasped.

13. Assess the appropriateness of expecting the student to express needs to teachers.

14. Allow mobility throughout the classroom to ascertain the student’s needs.

15. Give the student assistance regularly throughout the day.

16. Consider using an adaptive behavior management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

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