17 Strategies to Help Learners Learn to Fit in With Their Peers

Are you looking for strategies to help students learn to fit in with their peers? If so, keep reading.

1. Give the student more decision-making chances relative to class learning activities and tasks.

2. Do not force the student to interact with others with whom they are not entirely comfortable.

3. Assess the social situation concerning the student’s capacity and ability to function successfully (e.g., number of students in the group, behavior of students in the group, etc.).

4. Refrain from competition. Failure may cause the student to ignore the consequences of their behavior.

5. Ask the student a question when they can answer successfully.

6. Tell the student that it is their behavior that determines consequences (e.g., positive, or negative).

7. Connect with parents to disseminate information about the student’s progress. The parents may reinforce the student at home for properly interacting with other students at school.

8. Do not criticize. On occasions where correcting the student, be honest yet compassionate. Never cause the student to feel negatively about themselves.

9. Urge and assist the student in joining extracurricular learning activities, clubs, etc.

10. Urge the student to further create any capacity and ability or skill they may have so peers may view the student positively.

11. Let the student attempt something new in private before doing it in front of others.

12. Maintain trust and confidentiality with the student at all times.

13. Urge the student to tell you about problems that happen with peers (e.g., being bullied, teased by others, etc.).

14. Make the consequence of a behavior obvious by identifying the consequence as it occurs and discussing alternative behavior that would have prevented the particular consequence.

15. Create classroom rules: • Complete every assignment. • Complete assignments quietly. • Remain in your seat. • Finish tasks. • Meet task expectations. Examine rules often. Praise students for following the rules.

16. Consider using an adaptive behavior management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

17. Click here to learn about six bonus strategies for challenging problem behaviors and mastering classroom management.

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