18 Fun and Free First Grade Math Games and Activities


First grade is an exciting time for young learners to delve into the world of math. To make learning more engaging and enjoyable, here are 18 fun and free math games and activities that can be easily incorporated into the classroom or at home. These activities will not only help reinforce math concepts but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Let’s jump right into the fun!

  1. Number Hunt:

Grab some flashcards or write numbers on small pieces of paper and hide them around the room. Let the first graders embark on a number hunt, searching for the hidden numbers. This game will enhance number recognition and counting skills.

  1. Dice Addition:

Provide each student with a pair of dice. Have them roll the dice and add the numbers together. This game encourages addition skills while making math feel like play.

  1. Shape Bingo:

Create bingo cards with various shapes on them. Call out shapes and have the students mark them off on their cards, practicing shape recognition in an enjoyable way.

  1. Counting Caterpillars:

Cut out small circles from colored paper and draw dots on each circle to represent numbers. Create caterpillars by linking the circles together. Students will have fun counting the dots in each caterpillar segment, reinforcing counting and number sequencing.

  1. Race to 100:

Using a hundreds chart, have two students take turns rolling a dice and adding that number to their total. The first player to reach 100 wins. This game strengthens addition skills, place value, and number sense.

  1. Measure It:

Gather different objects and let students measure their lengths using non-standard units such as paperclips or cubes. This hands-on activity introduces measurement and comparison skills.

  1. Fraction Pizza:

Divide paper circles into fractional parts and provide toppings cutouts. Students can create their own fraction pizzas, learning about parts and wholes in an interactive way.

  1. Time Teller:

Set up a mock clock in the classroom and have students practice reading the time. Assign tasks like “What time is recess?” to create real-life connections.

  1. Pattern Power:

Create pattern strips using colored paper or manipulatives. Encourage students to continue the patterns and create their own, reinforcing pattern recognition and critical thinking.

  1. Money Match:

Cut out pictures of coins and their corresponding values. Have students match the coins to their values, reinforcing identification of coins and adding up their worth.

  1. Number Line Hopscotch:

Draw a number line on the floor and let students hop along, calling out the numbers they land on. This game promotes number sense and counting skills.

  1. Shape Sort:

Gather a collection of 2D and 3D shapes. Ask students to sort the shapes based on different attributes such as the number of sides or whether they roll or stack.

  1. Ten-Frame Slam:

Create ten-frame cards and give each student a flyswatter. Call out a number, and students will ‘slam’ the corresponding number on their ten-frame cards. This activity strengthens number sense and subitizing skills.

  1. Outdoor Math Olympics:

Plan a math-themed field day with activities like measuring the distance of jumps, timing races, or estimating the number of cones in a stack. This hands-on event combines math and physical activity.

  1. Addition War:

Give each pair of students a deck of cards. They will flip two cards and add the numbers together. The student with the higher sum keeps the cards. This game hones addition skills and fosters friendly competition.

  1. Shape Scavenger Hunt:

Take students outdoors and let them search for objects that represent different shapes. This activity reinforces shape recognition in the real world.

  1. Number Storytelling:

Provide students with a set of number flashcards. They can create their own number stories using the flashcards, combining math with creative writing.

  1. Math Puzzles:

Hand out simple math puzzles or Sudoku games to challenge students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. These brain-teasing activities make math enjoyable and thought-provoking.


With these 18 fun and free math games and activities, first graders can enhance their math skills while having a blast. Whether in the classroom or at home, learning math doesn’t have to be mundane. So let the games begin and watch math become an exciting adventure for young learners!

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