18 Fun Elephant Activities For Preschoolers


Elephants are fascinating creatures, and their playful nature and large size can capture the imagination of any preschooler. To help nurture a love for these gentle giants, here are 18 fun elephant activities for preschoolers that encourage learning, creativity, and exploration.

1. Elephant Handprint Art:

Using washable paint, have your preschooler dip their hand in gray paint and create an elephant by stamping it onto paper. Add details like eyes, trunk, and ears using finger painting.

2. Elephant Memory Game:

Create a memory game using cards featuring different types of elephants. Flip the cards face down and take turns matching pairs.

3. Trunk Toss:

Set up a bucket or bowl as a target and have your child use a paper towel roll or pool noodle as an “elephant trunk” to toss bean bags or ping pong balls into the target.

4. Elephant Dance Party:

Play elephant-themed songs like “Nellie the Elephant” or “Baby Elephant Walk” and encourage your preschooler to dance like an elephant with big stomping steps.

5. Elephant Story Time:

Read aloud books about elephants such as “Elmer” by David McKee or “Babar” by Jean de Brunhoff.

6. DIY Elephant Masks:

Create elephant masks using paper plates and decorate them with crayons, markers, or paint.

7. Lego Elephant Building Challenge:

Using Lego blocks, challenge your child to create their own version of an elephant.

8. Peanut Relay Race:

Divide children into teams and have them race to move peanuts from one bowl to another using only a spoon held in their mouth – just like an elephant would use its trunk!

9. Elephant Origami:

Teach your child how to fold simple origami elephants using colorful paper.

10. E is for Elephant Craft:

Cut out the letter ‘E’ from construction paper and have your child decorate it with gray paint, googly eyes, and paper ears to create an elephant.

11. Elephant Trunk Painting:

Attach a paintbrush to the end of a paper towel roll or pool noodle and have your child create artwork using their “elephant trunk.”

12. Elephant Balloon Volleyball:

Using inflatable elephant trunks, have a fun indoor volleyball game with your preschoolers using balloons.

13. Elephant Themed Snack Time:

Create elephant-shaped cookies or peanut butter and banana sandwiches for a delightful themed snack.

14. The Great Elephant Parade:

Organize a parade of children dressed in their self-made elephant costumes marching around the classroom or backyard.

15. Elephant Fact Board:

Teach your preschooler fascinating facts about elephants by creating an educational fact board with pictures and information.

16. Playdough Elephants:

Encourage creativity by asking your child to create an elephant out of playdough, adding various features with small tools or their fingers.

17. Watch Elephant Videos:

Learn more about elephants together by exploring videos showcasing elephants in the wild or at sanctuaries.

18. Act Like Elephants:

Spend time pretending to be elephants, stomping around and making trumpeting noises.


These 18 fun activities will surely engage your preschooler’s sense of curiosity and love for elephants, while also fostering crucial developmental skills like creativity, coordination, and critical thinking. So start exploring the fantastic world of these gentle giants today!

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