18 Inspiring Presidents’ Day Videos To Share With Your Students

    1. “Presidents’ Day for Kids” by Homeschool Pop

This animated video provides a fun and educational introduction to Presidents’ Day for young students. It highlights important presidents and their achievements in a captivating way.

    1. “Presidents’ Day Facts” by History for Kids

In this video, students will learn interesting facts about Presidents’ Day and the significance of the holiday. It covers the history behind the day and explains why it is celebrated in the United States.

    1. “The Presidents’ Song” by Kids Learning Tube

Through a catchy song, this video helps students memorize all the U.S. presidents in order. It’s a great resource to make learning about presidents enjoyable and memorable.

    1. “Mount Rushmore: The Story Behind the Faces” by Smithsonian Channel

This documentary-style video delves into the fascinating story of Mount Rushmore and the presidents represented on the iconic monument. It provides insights into the sculpting process and the historical context.

    1. “George Washington Biography for Kids” by Educational Videos for Students

This video focuses on George Washington, the first president of the United States. It presents his life story in an engaging manner, highlighting his leadership, contributions, and important decisions.

    1. “Abraham Lincoln’s Biography” by National Geographic Kids

Learn all about Abraham Lincoln, one of the most influential presidents in U.S. history, through this video. It covers his upbringing, presidency, and the impact he had on the nation.

    1. “Thomas Jefferson for Kids” by Educational Videos for Students

Discover the life and accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. This video presents his contributions in an accessible way for young learners.

    1. “Presidents’ Day Craft Ideas” by Art for Kids Hub

This video showcases various Presidents’ Day craft ideas that students can enjoy making. It encourages creativity while connecting the holiday to hands-on activities.

    1. “Theodore Roosevelt and Conservation” by SciShow Kids

This video highlights Theodore Roosevelt’s role in conservation and his efforts to protect the environment. It’s an inspiring resource for students interested in environmental issues.

    1. “Presidents’ Day Read Aloud” by Story Time with Amber and Erin

Enjoy a Presidents’ Day-themed storytime with this read-aloud video. It features a children’s book related to the holiday, providing an entertaining and educational experience.

    1. “Presidents’ Day Virtual Field Trip” by Discovery Education

Take a virtual field trip to significant places associated with U.S. presidents through this engaging video. Students can explore the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and other important landmarks.

    1. “Barack Obama for Kids” by Free School

Learn about the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, in this educational video. It covers his background, achievements, and the impact of his presidency.

    1. “Presidents’ Day STEM Activities” by Generation Genius

This video offers fun and educational STEM activities related to Presidents’ Day. Students can participate in hands-on experiments while learning about the holiday.

    1. “American Symbols: The Presidents” by National Geographic Kids

Discover the significance of various American symbols related to the presidents in this captivating video. It explores symbols like the presidential seal and the Statue of Liberty.

    1. “Presidents’ Day Trivia Game” by BrainPOP

Challenge students with a Presidents’ Day trivia game presented in this interactive video. It tests their knowledge about U.S. presidents and the holiday itself.

    1. “Presidents’ Day Writing Prompts” by Teaching Without Frills

This video presents writing prompts related to Presidents’ Day, encouraging students to express their thoughts and opinions on the holiday. It’s a great resource for language arts activities.

    1. “Ronald Reagan for Kids” by FreeSchool

Explore the life and legacy of Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, in this informative video. It covers his career, achievements, and political ideologies.

    1. “Presidents’ Day Parade History” by History Channel

Discover the history and evolution of Presidents’ Day parades in the United States through this video. It provides insights into how the holiday is celebrated nationwide.

These 18 inspiring Presidents’ Day videos will engage and educate your students, allowing them to explore the lives, contributions, and significance of U.S. presidents. Enjoy learning together and celebrating this important holiday!

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