18 Skip Counting Activities and Ideas For Elementary Math Students


Skip counting is an essential skill for elementary math students as it helps develop number sense and enhances their ability to perform mental calculations. If you’re looking for engaging skip counting activities and ideas to make learning fun, this article is the perfect resource. Below, you’ll find 18 creative ways to practice skip counting with your students, both inside and outside the classroom.

    1. Counting Songs and Rhymes:

Start with catchy skip counting songs and rhymes that students can easily memorize. These repetitive chants make skip counting enjoyable and effective.

    1. Number Line Hopscotch:

Create a giant number line on the floor using tape or a rope. Students can hop on the numbers, skip counting as they move forward.

    1. Human Number Line:

Form a human number line by assigning each student a number. Encourage them to stand in the correct order and skip count together.

    1. Skip Counting Puzzles:

Design skip counting puzzles where students need to arrange numbers in the correct order, emphasizing skip counting patterns.

    1. Counting By Objects:

Use manipulatives like counting cubes or beans to help students physically count and skip count.

    1. Skip Counting Mazes:

Design mazes where students must follow the skip counting pattern to find their way through.

    1. Flashcards:

Create skip counting flashcards for students to practice. Encourage them to flip through the cards and say the numbers aloud.

    1. Skip Counting with Manipulative Games:

Incorporate games like Bingo or Memory Match, where students must match skip counting sequences with numbers or objects.

    1. Interactive Whiteboard Activities:

Utilize technology by engaging students in interactive whiteboard activities focused on skip counting.

    1. Skip Counting with Movement:

Combine skip counting with physical activities like jumping, hopping, or clapping. This helps students associate skip counting with movement.

    1. Skip Counting Riddles:

Create riddles and puzzles that students must solve by identifying the missing numbers in a skip counting sequence.

    1. Skip Counting Charts:

Provide students with skip counting charts as references to reinforce skip counting patterns.

    1. Skip Counting Scavenger Hunt:

Organize a scavenger hunt where students search for objects or pictures with skip counting patterns.

    1. Online Skip Counting Games:

Introduce educational online games that specifically target skip counting skills.

    1. Skip Counting Worksheets:

Print out skip counting worksheets for students to practice independently or during homework assignments.

    1. Skip Counting Books:

Include books or stories that incorporate skip counting concepts. This helps students engage with skip counting in different contexts.

    1. Skip Counting with Multiplication:

Highlight the connection between skip counting and multiplication, demonstrating how skip counting helps with multiplication facts.

    1. Skip Counting Challenge:

Host skip counting challenges or competitions to motivate students and make skip counting a fun group activity.


By implementing these 18 skip counting activities and ideas, you can engage elementary math students in an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. Remember to adapt the activities to suit your students’ needs and learning styles. Happy skip counting!

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