18 Strategies to Teach Learners to Exhibit Appropriate Behavior on School Campus

Are you looking for strategies to teach students to exhibit appropriate behavior on school campus? If so, keep reading.

1. Give the student a list of school rules and/or behavior expectations to carry at all times in the school environment.

2. Separate the student from the peer(s) who stimulates their unacceptable behavior on the school grounds before and after school.

3. Select a responsible peer to escort the student when they are on the school grounds before and after school.

4. Make sure the behavioral requirements are appropriate for the student’s capacity and ability level (e.g., interacting with peers, entering the school building when appropriate, leaving the school building when appropriate, using school equipment with care, etc.).

5. Make sure the student is actively involved in their surroundings (e.g., give the student duties, learning activities, and errands to run to promote purposeful behavior).

6. Get the student to carry a point card at all times so that they can be reinforced anywhere in the school environment for conforming to rules, expectations, laws, etc.

7. Notify other school staff members of any behavior problems the student may have so supervision and assistance may be given.

8. Be firm, fair, and consistent when applying consequences for behavior (e.g., appropriate behavior receives positive consequences, while unacceptable behavior receives negative consequences).

9. Praise the student for remaining in designated areas (e.g., play areas, student lounge, leisure area, etc.).

10. Give organized learning activities for the student to participate in designated areas before, during, and after school (e.g., kickball, dodge ball, softball, four square, tether ball, jump rope, foot races, etc.).

11. Let the student enter the school building early or remain in the school building after school to work on tasks or special projects, assist teachers, assist the custodian, etc.

12. Praise the student for arriving on the school grounds shortly before school begins (e.g., 5minutes) and leaving the school grounds shortly after school.

13. Modify the student’s bus task, so the student does not arrive early and does not remain late after school.

14. Find an area of the school grounds to be used as a “time-out” area when the student shows unacceptable behavior on the school grounds.

15. Consider using a classroom management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

16. Consider using an adaptive behavior management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

17. Consider using Alexa to help the student learn to behave appropriately. Click here to read an article that we wrote on the subject.

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