18 Super Subtraction Activities


Subtraction is an essential mathematical skill that children need to learn, practice, and master. To make it more engaging and fun for students, try incorporating these 18 super subtraction activities into your lesson plans.

1. Number Line Subtraction:

Place a number line prominently in the classroom and have students physically move along the line as they solve subtraction problems.

2. Subtraction Bingo:

Create bingo cards with subtraction problems and call out answers for students to match with the corresponding problems on their cards.

3. Subtraction Race:

Set up a race where students compete to solve a set of subtraction problems as quickly as possible.

4. Take Away Towers:

Using building blocks, have students build towers representing two numbers before subtracting by removing the appropriate blocks from one tower.

5. Candy Bar Math:

Use candy bars with different section counts to teach and visualize subtraction problems.

6. Flashcard Drills:

Have students practice their subtraction with regular drill sessions using flashcards or smartphone apps.

7. Subtraction Board Game:

Create a board game where players must correctly answer subtraction questions to advance around the board.

8. Dice Subtraction Game:

Students roll dice to build subtraction problems and then solve them, advancing in the game based on their answers.

9. Interactive Online Games:

Utilize various interactive online games designed to reinforce subtraction skills in a fun and engaging way.

10. Grocery Store Subtraction:

Bring in grocery store flyers or catalogs and ask students to calculate the real-life price differences between items by subtracting their costs.

11. “I Have… Who Has?” Card Game:

Distribute cards with both subtraction problems and their answers, then have students read their problem aloud while waiting for another student with the correct answer card to speak up.

12. Subtraction Memory Match:

Create pairs of cards matching subtraction problems with their answers, and have students play a memory match game.

13. Subtraction Story Problems:

Compose storytelling math problems that require subtraction as the operation to find the answer.

14. Subtraction Word Search:

Design a word search with subtraction terms and problem solutions for students to find.

15. Two-Step Puzzles:

Create puzzles that require students to solve two subtraction problems before unveiling a hiddenphrase or image.

16. Subtraction Songs and Rhymes:

Teach catchy tunes and rhymes to help students remember subtraction rules and methods moreeasily.

17. Subtraction Art:

Combine art projects with math by having students create artwork based on patterns, shapes, ornumbers from subtraction problems.

18. Journal Writing Prompts:

Encourage students to write about their feelings or experiences related to learning subtraction,helping them reflect on their progress and any obstacles they may encounter.


With these 18 super subtraction activities, you can make learning and practicing subtraction moreenjoyable for your students. Mix up your lesson plans and watch their math skills grow!

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