19 Fun Games with Skittles Candy for Kids

Are you planning a kids’ party or just looking for a new way to entertain your little ones? Look no further! We’ve come up with 19 fun and creative games using Skittles candy that will keep the kids engaged and entertained for hours.

1.Skittle Bowling: Set up mini-skittle lanes using empty soda bottles as pins. The kids can take turns rolling Skittles to knock down the pins.

2.Color Sorting Race: Divide kids into teams, dump a bag of Skittles into a bowl, and have them race to sort the Skittles by color.

3.Skittle Toss: Create a target on the floor using masking tape, assign points to each section, and have the children try to land their Skittles in high-scoring areas.

4.Taste Test Challenge: Blindfold each player and see if they can guess the correct flavor of the Skittle they’re given.

5.Skittle Art: Let the kids create unique masterpieces using Skittles as tiles on paper or canvas.

6.Skittles Relay Race: Have teams race against time while transferring all their team’s Skittles from one bowl to another using only a straw or spoon.

7.Miniature Golf with Skittles: Create a mini-golf course throughout your house or yard, incorporating strategically positioned skittles as obstacles.

8.Tower Building Competition: Challenge the children to build the tallest tower possible using only Skittles candies.

9.Scavenger Hunt: Hide an assortment of colored Skittles throughout your play area, and have kids hunt for them based on specific color clues.

10.Balancing Act: Task players with balancing as many Skittles on plastic spoons as possible while walking a designated path.

11.Matchmaker Challenge: Have kids pick two random colors from a bowl and make stories explaining why those two colors go well together.

12.Guess the Number: Fill a jar with Skittles and let children guess how many candies are in the jar for a chance to win a prize.

13.Skittletles: A twist on the traditional tiddlywinks game, use Skittles as game pieces and try to flip them into a cup or container.

14.Colorful Memory Game: Place several Skittles into various patterns, then cover them up. Kids will take turns trying to recreate the pattern from memory.

15.Skittle Bingo: Create your own bingo cards with colored Skittles instead of numbers, and call out colors as you pick them from a bag.

16.Frozen Skittle Hockey: Freeze Skittles and use them as makeshift hockey pucks for impromptu games of air hockey on a table.

17.Catch the Rainbow: Let the children toss their Skittles in the air and see who can catch the most candies in one attempt.

18.Build-a-Rainbow Race: In this teamwork-oriented race, kids work together and take turns placing colorful skittles according to specific patterns to create a rainbow.

19.Edible Jewelry: Provide pre-cut string or elastic cord and allow children to thread Skittles onto it, creating their own edible necklaces or bracelets.

Let these exciting and imaginative games inspire your next kids’ gathering or rainy day activity. With fun challenges, teamwork opportunities, and a multitude of ways to play, these 19 games with Skittles candy will undoubtedly become new favorites!

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