19 Monthly Calendar Activities for Preschool Classrooms


A preschool classroom is a vibrant and interactive space where young children explore and learn new concepts each day. A well-planned calendar of activities can promote creativity, critical thinking skills, and a sense of routine among students. To help you create an effective and engaging calendar for your preschool classroom, we have compiled a list of 19 fun activities that can be easily incorporated into your monthly schedule.

1. Weather Watch:

Encourage children to observe the weather each day and fill in a weather chart using symbols for sun, clouds, rain, snow, etc.

2. Show & Tell:

Designate one day each week for students to bring an item from home and share its significance with the class.

3. Themed Dress-Up Days:

Choose a different theme for dressing up once a month, such as colors, superheroes or book characters.

4. Story Time:

Set aside time each day for children to enjoy hearing a story read out loud by the teacher or guest readers.

5. Music & Movement:

Introduce different kinds of music and movements through fun activities like dancing, singing, and play-acting.

6. Scavenger Hunt:

Organize scavenger hunts related to your current learning themes by hiding relevant objects or pictures throughout the classroom.

7. Art Fridays:

Spend every Friday exploring different art mediums such as painting, sculpture, collage, and printmaking.

8. Gardening Activities:

Introduce basic gardening concepts by planting seeds in pots or tending to a small outdoor garden space.

9. Pet Day:

Invite families who have pets to bring them in so children can learn about different types of animals and how to care for them.

10. Role Play Corner:

Create a role play corner where students can develop their imagination by acting out various roles relevant to the theme being taught that month.

11. Math Games & Puzzles:

Include various math-related puzzles and games as a part of the daily calendar to strengthen problem-solving skills.

12. Outdoor Play:

Schedule outdoor play time each day to promote physical fitness and teamwork through games and group activities.

13. Cooking Lessons:

Once a month, conduct simple cooking lessons to help children follow directions and create tasty, healthy snacks.

14. Science Experiments:

Introduce fun, safe science experiments that can be completed in the classroom, such as creating slime or growing crystals.

15. Community Service Projects:

Partner with local organizations to engage in small-scale community service projects, like planting trees or food drives.

16. Cultural Days:

Celebrate different cultures by learning about traditions, trying new foods, and engaging in cultural activities or festivities.

17. Puzzle Time:

Incorporate weekly puzzle-solving exercises to enhance cognitive development and focus.

18. Nature-based Activities:

Plan regular nature walks, botanical explorations, or leaf rubbings activities to help children connect with their natural environment.

19. Mindfulness Exercises:

Introduce simple calming exercises such as stretching or deep breathing routines to help children relax and refocus during transitions between activities.


Using the 19 monthly calendar activities listed above, your preschool classroom will become an organized hub of exploration, learning, and creativity. By incorporating these diverse activities into your curriculum, you will provide your students with essential skills they need for growth and development.

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