19 Team Building Lego Activities For Learners Of All Ages

Lego bricks have been a mainstay in children’s playrooms for decades, helping to foster creativity and cooperation. But their potential for team building extends far beyond the realm of children – these versatile toys can be used to develop collaboration skills and improve communication in learners of all ages. In this article, we explore 19 team building Lego activities to engage everyone from young students to seasoned professionals.

1. Lego Bridge: Divide participants into two teams and provide each team with a set of Lego bricks. Have them race to build the longest bridge which can withstand weight without collapsing.

2. Build A Tower: Teams must construct the tallest, sturdiest tower possible within a given timeframe.

3. Lego Maze: Work together to create a maze, then challenge other groups to solve it as quickly as possible.

4. Lego Memory Game: Create a small model with Lego bricks, giving players only a short time to study it before replicating the design from memory.

5. Guess The Build: One person on each team is given an object that they must silently build while teammates try to guess what it is.

6. Lego Relay Race: In this fast-paced activity, teams must work together to transport a Lego structure across a designated area without dropping or dismantling it.

7. Storytelling with Legos: Each team is given random Lego bricks and must create a story incorporating them all.

8. Themed Builds: Challenge participants to construct models adhering to themes like transportation, animals, or futuristic cities.

9. Blindfolded Build: One member of each team is blindfolded and must rely on verbal instructions from teammates to build a specific structure.

10. Lego Pictionary: In this game, players draw cards displaying various objects and must build those objects using Legos while their team guesses what they’ve built.

11. Architect’s Challenge: Teams are given pictures of famous landmarks and must recreate them using Lego bricks.

12. Building on a Budget: Allocate a limited number of Lego bricks to each team and challenge them to build the most impressive structure possible with those pieces.

13. Lego Pixel Art: Participants collaborate on a large-scale, flat, pixel art mosaic using single Lego bricks as the “pixels.”

14. Improv Builds: Challenge teams to create impromptu structures as they’re assigned an assortment of different brick shapes and sizes.

15. Structured Teams: Separate players into specialized roles, such as project managers, engineers, and designers, then have them work together to build a complex model.

16. Build Your Dream Vacation: Encourage participants to envision their perfect getaway by constructing it out of Legos.

17. Team Mascot: Have each group design and build a mascot representing their team spirit.

18. Lego Timeline: Work together to illustrate the history or major milestones of a company, organization, or team using Legos.

19. Collaborative Sculpture: With all participants contributing, create an enormous Lego sculpture representing your team’s collective identity and aspirations.

From icebreakers to full day workshops, there are countless ways that Lego bricks can bring people together and encourage teamwork among learners of all ages. The next time you’re tasked with planning a team-building event, consider integrating some of these engaging and educational activities for a fun-filled experience that will leave lasting positive impressions on your group.

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