19 Ways to Encourage Learners to Follow School Rules

Are you looking for ways to encourage students to follow school rules? If so, keep reading.

1. Be firm, fair, and consistent when applying consequences for behavior (e.g., appropriate behavior receives positive consequences while unacceptable behavior receives negative consequences).

2. Praise the student for moving from one space to another in an appropriate length of time.

3. Teach the student ways to gain self-control (e.g., count to 10, walk away, talk with someone, etc.).

4. Urge the student to play games, sports, etc., with friends who do not urge them to disregard school rules.

5. Praise the student for remaining in designated areas (e.g., student lounge, leisure area, school assembly, etc.).

6. Tell the student that it is their behavior that determines whether consequences are positive or negative.

7. Give the student a list of school rules and/or behavior expectations to carry with them at all times in the school environment.

8. Make sure that all educators who work with the student continuously enforce school rules.

9. Make sure the student knows the rules before starting a new learning experience.

10. Provide a routine (schedule) that will minimize erratic or impulsive behavior that may result in negative consequences.

11. Make sure you are regularly in proximity to the student.

12. Separate the student from the peer who stimulates their unacceptable behavior.

13. Display school rules in several places (e.g., on the student’s desk, in the hallways, etc.).

14. Explain the school discipline plan and consequences orally to the student on a one-to-one basis.

15. Get the student to carry a point card at all times so that they can be reinforced anywhere in the school environment for following the rules.

16. Consider using a classroom management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

17. Consider using an adaptive behavior management app. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

18. Consider using Alexa to help the student learn to behave appropriately. Click here to read an article that we wrote on the subject.

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