20 Amazing Free Sites and Apps To Use With Google Classroom

  1. Khan Academy: Access a wide range of educational videos and exercises to support student learning.
  1. Quizlet: Create interactive flashcards and quizzes to help students review and study.
  1. EdPuzzle: Engage students with interactive video lessons by adding questions and annotations.
  1. Nearpod: Deliver interactive lessons with multimedia content, quizzes, and virtual reality experiences.
  1. Kahoot!: Gamify the learning experience with fun and interactive quizzes and games.
  1. Padlet: Collaborate and share ideas through virtual bulletin boards.
  1. Wolfram Alpha: Solve math and science problems, explore data sets, and access expert-level knowledge.
  1. Coggle: Create mind maps to organize and visualize complex topics or concepts.
  1. Bitmoji: Personalize your Google Classroom with custom Bitmoji stickers and avatars.
  1. Google Slides: Create and share interactive presentations with embedded videos, images, and more.
  1. Pear Deck: Increase student engagement through interactive slide presentations and formative assessments.
  1. InsertLearning: Turn any webpage into an interactive lesson by adding questions, notes, and discussions.
  1. Seesaw: Create digital portfolios for students to showcase their learning and receive feedback.
  1. Google Forms: Create surveys, quizzes, and assessments to gather information and track student progress.
  1. Socrative: Engage students with real-time quizzes, polls, and exit tickets to assess learning.
  1. Adobe Spark: Create stunning visual stories, videos, and web pages to showcase student work.
  1. Flipgrid: Foster student voice through video-based discussions and presentations.
  1. BrainPOP: Access a library of animated videos covering various subjects and topics.
  1. Canva for Education: Design posters, infographics, and other visual materials to enhance learning.
  1. Google Classroom Mobile App: Stay connected and manage your classroom on the go with the mobile app.

These amazing free sites and apps provide educators with a variety of tools to enhance their Google Classroom experience. Whether it’s creating interactive lessons, engaging students in collaborative activities, or assessing learning, these resources can help make teaching and learning more interactive, engaging, and efficient.

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